How can I put a live video(church service) on my website?

Question by shamon102492: How can I put a live video(church service) on my website?
In my church we have members that are not able to attend Sunday service, so we would like to know how can we put our service onto our website live. We are trying to not make it that expensive because we already have to buy a decent webcam. If you would like to check out the website please go so see what is going on. I would like to put the video onto the website by embed coding, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. Thank You

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Answer by Intel+nVidia!
Your best bet will be to use ustream. Its a website that lets you stream live video and audio broadcasts.

You create an account (for free), You embed your code anywhere on your website. On the Sunday, you log in to your ustream and click broadcast and whoever goes to either your ustream page or your embed in your website will see it.

I have used ustream many times before (Im an ex video web logger)
Its great because you can embed a chat as well and change audio and video quality if your Internet connection is bad.

Bare in mind that you will need a good Internet connection to do it in high quality.

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