Kendall M. Rogers Writes Book, Stained Glass Jesus: A Challenge to Know the Real Christ

Kendall M. Rogers Writes Book, Stained Glass Jesus: A Challenge to Know the Real Christ

Westland, Mich. (PRWEB) May 12, 2010

Holy Fire Publishing ( releases Stained Glass Jesus (Paperback, U.S. $ 15.99, ISBN# 978-1-60383-309-7). Kendall M. Rogers presents God’s plan for a fulfilling life based on faith, hope and love that comes only through Christ’s righteousness.

Stained Glass Jesus is written for those who are serious about their faith and long for more from the Christian life than just warming a church pew on Sunday mornings. Kendall Rogers presents Biblical principles to rekindle the spiritual embers of committed Christians, lays the foundations for curious onlookers who want to know what the Christian life is all about, and for the lost pilgrim who has taken one too many wrong turns, the opportunity to begin again. Stained Glass Jesus clearly presents God’s plan to a fulfilling life based on faith, hope and love that comes only through Christ’s righteousness.

He’s called many things: Savior, Messiah, the Christ, the One, so many different names. Jesus introduced Himself to the world atop a hillside many centuries ago, and yet many still don’t Him. Stained Glass Jesus doesn’t focus on the reader’s devotion, faith or creed. It focuses on one man, the one called The One, Jesus Christ. Rogers writes to challenge readers to respond to Jesus: “Have we really considered His teachings? Can any of us know what was on His mind? Would we recognize Him if He were sitting right beside us?”

Our morality can’t impress the One who is holy, holy, holy and enthroned among the seraphim. Just because we behave ourselves doesn’t mean we’re redeemed. External good deeds cannot erase internal iniquity…We are so guilty of emphasizing the accomplishments of the hands and not regarding [the] attitude of the heart. In short: no one on earth, according to the Son of God, no matter how good and seemingly righteous they may appear, has fulfilled at any time the necessary demands of God’s holiness.—Book excerpt, Stained Glass Jesus

“Many people go to church and bow their heads to Him. His name is the one they end their prayers in. He is mentioned behind our pulpits and is known among society. We know the book we call the Bible is true concerning Him. We claim Him, but do we truly know Him? There are many people who are following a Jesus who really is not the Son of God at all. They’ve become used to fitting into the church. But would the real Jesus actually be welcomed in their midst? […]

Stained Glass Jesus has only one goal: to get you to know Him and become better acquainted with Him, the real Jesus, and not the stained glass image we might be more comfortable with. If you’ve never known Him, or follow religion and not the Redeemer, then this is a turning point for you. He’s come to save us all.”—Kendall M. Rogers

Kendall M. Rogers, 29, holds a Master’s in Theology and a Doctorate in Ministry. At age 12, he moved with his missionary family to St. Petersburg, Russia. While there, he learned to speak and read Russian fluently and was called into the ministry to serve as co-pastor and assistant director. After 15 years, he returned to the U.S. to further his education. He lives in Westland, Mich., and ministers with Last Day Harvesters. He is available for speaking engagements and book signings.

Holy Fire Publishing (, publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.

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