Mylon LeFevre -Sheep In Wolves Clothing – Trains Up In The Sky

Classic Christian Rock at its best! Subscribe for more great music! Visit Mylon’s website at Born into the pioneering Southern gospel family, The Singing LeFevres, Mylon was the youngest son of Eva Mae and Urias LeFevre. When he was old enough, he began to sing and play guitar with the group. The LeFevres were performing at a gospel convention in Memphis. Onstage, singing “Without Him,” Mylon did not know that Elvis Presley was there. After the concert, Elvis asked to meet Mylon. Elvis later recorded the song, and within the next year, over a hundred artists would record his song. In 1970, Mylon signed with Atlantic Records, and formed the “Holy Smoke Doo Dah Band” with Auburn Burrell and JP Lauzon on guitar, drummer Marty Simon, Tom Robb on bass and keyboardist Lester Langdale. From 1970 through 1980, he recorded and performed with Eric Clapton, Elton John, Alvin Lee, Billy Joel, Duane Allman, Berry Oakley, Little Richard, the Who, George Harrison, and Mick Fleetwood, among others. In 1974, he appeared as a fill-in vocalist on several tracks for The Atlanta Rhythm Section’s album Third Annual Pipe Dream. Mylon started getting high to deal with the stress and to fit in. His drug use escalated to a near-fatal overdose of heroin in 1973. So Mylon committed himself to a drug treatment program that year. Seven months later, Mylon came out clean. In 1980, LeFevre attended a concert by the CCM group, 2nd Chapter of Acts. Their long hair, and music showed that they

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