Christians in Pakistan Endangered Over Cartoon Crisis

Christians in Pakistan Endangered Over Cartoon Crisis

Bartlesville, OK (PRWEB) February 20, 2006

The recent furor over cartoons published by a Danish newspaper is showing no signs of abatement in various regions of the Islamic world. In Muslim dominated Pakistan, violent rioting, looting and arson attacks have created additional safety concerns for minority Christians residing in the country.

These events are posing challenges for an international mission organization with ongoing projects within Pakistan. Strategic World Impact (SWI) has recently celebrated the inauguration of a Christian school in the area. In recent months, the school has been vandalized and is now receiving fresh threats as a result of the crisis.

Kevin Turner, president and founder of SWI said, “We are providing a quality education to both Muslims and Christians and many of these children attend for free. It’s a shame that we’ve had to endure attacks of vandalism and threats of life to provide something that is so desperately needed in Pakistan.”

Additionally, the rioting and protests have hit close to home for the organization. Last week, a Christian relative of SWI’s Pakistan Field Coordinator was among those killed by Muslims during a protest.

The ongoing situation compounds the risk for Christians because Muslims often view Western culture and Christianity as synonymous. Many already face discrimination and persecution.

“In Pakistan, it takes the testimony of two Christians to be equal to the testimony of one Muslim in a court of law. Often, women are attacked and raped by Muslim men and when it’s reported to the authorities, the women are arrested for adultery,” said Turner.

In addition to their school, Strategic World Impact is also providing earthquake relief in Northern Pakistan. Prayer and support are needed for the safe continuation of these projects. For more information, visit or call 918-336-8400. Kevin Turner is available for interviews.

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Advice needed; our church has had one crisis after another…?

Question by : Advice needed; our church has had one crisis after another…?
First of all, last month our minister up and went “lavender” on us and left the church, but that is only the latest crisis our church has faced.

We only have about two dozen tithe-paying members, and things have gotten so bad financially that we have cut out giving communion, as we can’t afford the wine and crackers…at least not with that old lush, Sister Anna Langus, sneaking in and finishing off the bottles before the service. You would think that perhaps random contributions through regular offerings would make up the difference, but our general attendance has gotten so bad that we haven’t had a full house since we had that stripper who found God as a guest speaker last year.

Our rummage sales are pathetic, too; I think this town has bought all of the crocheted toilet-paper covers it’s going to, and old Sister Massie Beyshan is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and can’t seem to come up with anything else. To make things even worse, Brother Seymour Cox has taken over the church choir, and morale has just plummeted; why anyone thought that a man who came back from ‘Nam turned into a castrato by the Viet Cong was qualified to direct a church choir is beyond me. Speaking of the choir, last year’s Christmas cantata was ruined by Sister Minnie Paws having a hot flash in the middle of “Angels We Have Heard On High”, and her subsequent disrobing to get relief during the “gloria” chorus. I am amazed that the obese gal got out of her choir robe with such ease; of course, it was only held together by threads and the grace of God, anyway.

Our church property is facing foreclosure, and Brother Fess Fawk went on the public access channel and pleaded with the community for funds, claiming that unless $ 200, 000.00 was raised within a month, God would call him home. Thus far, we have only received a funeral home brochure. 🙁

Worst of all, our church is plagued by terrible gossip, which just makes me sick. Thank God men don’t gossip like the ladies do!

Any advice?

Best answer:

Answer by Captain Spaulding
LOL “plagued by terrible gossip” you people just kill me, man I need to stop coming over here for laughs

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