WARNING! Hell is NOT what the churches teach.(Recordings by a cult group)

Warning:This video was produced by a false prophet (Cult) group claiming to recieve “prophecies” from God to an (unnamed) person they call “modern man”. There are no scripture refrrences mentioned and the verses from the Bible concerning Hell are completely ignored. Their website boasts “LETTERS FROM GOD AND HIS CHRIST TRUE AND ACTUAL CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD THE FATHER GIVEN TO A MODERN MAN”- (Problem:) we already have letters from God The Father…it is call THE BIBLE. Do not be decieved by this cult. Jesus spoke more about Hell than on any other subject he mentioned. If Jesus said Hell is real do not believe these annonymous persons with a website claiming hell is “not real”. They are a nameless group with no real address nor phone number attempting to SELL YOU THEIR BOOKS VIA PAYPAL!Yes their website has books FOR SALE and an order for just one book can cost you as high as dollars with the shipping. Warning: false cult website is “Trumpet call of god on line” complete with even more false made up “letters from God”.Beware of anyone or group operating under the cloak of a website and PAYPAL who then disable completely “comments” from their youtube clips. They are nameless and faceless but will gladly accept your paypal payment. For those of you inclined to believe the false teachings in this clip-ask yourself this: How is it possible that this fasle cult shares the same views of hell as do ALL the major cult groups in the world? Jehovas Witnesses:”no hell” Mormons
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