Living a Christian life?

Question by Justme: Living a Christian life?
We try our best to live a life thats pleasing in God sight but everday or someday we sin. Anger or hatred or jealousy or gossiping, envy, bitterness, etc etc..happens everyday, its a sin.
How do we over come this everyday? Pray, asking God to fill us with the fruits of the Holy Spirit, but at times, the next day, its back to square one because in a sinful world, someone is bound to stir up some anger or quarell. Keep praying i guess.

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Answer by Marℓon™ 美徳
God doesn’t expect us to be perfect; that’s why He is merciful towards our actions. The best way to control emotions in a bad situation is to breathe deep and think that nothing good can come from being angry.

God bless.

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