Impressive NPS education program at Harpers Ferry

Impressive NPS education program at Harpers Ferry
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Image by woodleywonderworks
There were probably a dozen schools visiting Harpers Ferry. The little groups were wrapping up the tour and were getting what seemed to be a personalized history lesson by several rangers. Each ranger had a flag to help keep the group together. The kids seemed very engaged and the rangers were having a good time. The peanut gallery gives this a thumbs up.

(from the national park brochure:
Ranger guided education programs, self-guided history searches, living history hands-on classroom experiences, science field studies, civic leadership workshops, traveling trunks, pre-visit and post visit curriculum materials, self-guided hikes and walks, teacher summer institutes, summer youth activities and specialized Jefferson County School partnership curriculums are just a few of the many experiential learning opportunities that you find at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.)