What are Unitarian Universalism churches?

Question by What?: What are Unitarian Universalism churches?
We don’t have any where we live, what type of churches are these?
Does anyone find it a little weird to have this kind of church out there? Who’s idea was it to start one of these churches?

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Answer by Jacquot Hussein Le Chat
A bunch of people who like to be spiritual, but don’t really buy into any of the nonsense surrounding it.

Sort of like avoiding all the types like Chris above me.

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Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey
Church Fans
Image by TFDuesing
"Edgar, the first king of the united England, was crowned in a church in Abbey Courtyard in 973, but the present Bath Abbey – more glass than stone – was built between 1499 and 1616, making it the last great medieval church in England. The nave’s wonderful fan vaulting was erected in the 19th century."

-Lonely Planet "Great Britain" 6th ed.

How do you put music on your facebook fan page?

Question by NHS AQUA DOGS!: How do you put music on your facebook fan page?
I have created a fan page for my non profit organization. How do I put music on it. I have tried using iLike but it only lets me put it on my actual facebook profile and doesn’t give me the option of putting it on the fan page.

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Answer by Jox on Haterz
im sure theres another programs like iLike that will let you

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