Which place is best to gain readership for my blog?

Question by Marina C: Which place is best to gain readership for my blog?
I don’t want to use Facebook. So which place does get the most traffic for my blog? I have a Christian blog I want to feature.

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Answer by Daniel
Hi Marina,

A few suggestions for you in order to grow your blog traffic:

1) Tell your church family about it, and ask them to engage with you there using comments.
2) I know you mentioned not using Facebook, but Social media in general would help you tremendously.
3) Find other Christian blogs and exchange links with them, reach out and become friends with them.
4) When posting to Christian related websites (other blogs, forums, etc) sometimes you have the opportunity to include a link to your site – use it.
5) Use online sharing communities, such as reddit and stumbleupon, to enter enter discussions where you will have an opportunity to share your blog
6) If you can record video, and upload to YouTube, about some of the topics you discuss, that will also provide valuable traffic to your blog. Get creative, maybe answer a few questions about the toughest questions Christians face today?

Obviously, you can search for topics you are interested on google in order to find other Christian websites and blogs. Once you enter meaningful conversations with other members of the top sites, people will begin to notice and start going to your blog.

Just a few ideas. There are literally thousands of ways to promote your blog. You will find that once you start doing some of these, you will discover other ways. The most important thing is to stay persistent and don’t give up. Good luck!

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How do I have page views on my blog from Cairo, Egypt if their internet is down?

Question by SensoryOverload2012: How do I have page views on my blog from Cairo, Egypt if their internet is down?
I just have a small Christian blog that I just started on Jan. 7, 2011 and hadn’t had any views from Egypt before yesterday. Now I have a few hits from Cairo but I thought their internet is down. Most of my page views are from America, where I am located. It just seems odd to me.

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Answer by My Grain
I thought they’d out it up again about a day ago.

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Where Can I create a christian blog?

Question by Mauricio V: Where Can I create a christian blog?
I want to create a Christian blog that people will be able to talk about God and be able to see their diffrent oppinions. Where could I make it for free and how could I make it populer so that people can see it?

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Answer by victorbaal

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Tabby Talk- Christian Video Blog: “Stupid Cupid”

“Tabby Talk”…A Christ-centered video blog about relationships, ministry, and other life topics to encourage you AND make you laugh! We truly want to just embrace Christian comedy & remind people that it really is okay to smile & have a good time with Jesus! First topic: “Stupid Cupid” ♥ Hmmm, wonder what that will be about? Haha! I failed to mention the author’s name of the book I was speaking of within the video- 🙂 Joshua Harris. “Boy Meets Girl”. SUCH an inspiration, fam. Go read it!
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MyChristianSupply.com Announces Re-Launch & New Blog

MyChristianSupply.com Announces Re-Launch & New Blog

Grand Junction, CO (PRWEB) June 28, 2009

Originally debuting in the fall of 2008, My Christian Supply has been re-launched recently with a new design and a new blog. The web store’s founder sat down to talk about his faith in God and its relation to commerce.

“My two big passions are Christianity and fly fishing,” laughed Larry Ball. “I may not be a preacher, but I can try to help other Christians.”

Ball is the proprietor of http://www.MyChristianSupply.com, a website that began as a supply store that featured religious-themed gifts and Bibles. Ball got the idea to start the web store when a Christian supply store in his town went out of business.

The site originally launched in September 2008 and has recently undergone a facelift.

Ball’s rehash of the website has allowed for a user-friendly interface. While building up his new catalog, Ball has started with the essentials such as various types of Bibles (including the King James and New American Standard versions), and several Christian and Jewish gifts.

Along with the My Christian Supply’s re-launch, Ball is currently looking to build his catalog further, he’s also added links for sites that specialize in family-friendly Christian movies.

With the changes Ball has in store for his web venture, he’s also planning on donating profits from the site to his church.

Additionally, Ball has added a new informational blog to accompany his site.

“It’s a great way to communicate with other people,” Ball said of http://www.ChristianStoreBlog.com.

As the site continues to rebuild itself and gain traction, Ball wants to share his love of the Lord with others.

“I really like studying the Bible and the word of God,” he said. “I’m now in my twilight years and I want to do something that is helpful and fulfilling. I think that this is a good place to start.”

About the Company:

MyChristianSupply.com is a part of LBJ Marketing and is owned and operated by Larry Ball.

Contact Information:

Larry Ball


(970) 245-4466

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The Family Business Consulting Group Revamps Blog

The Family Business Consulting Group Revamps Blog

Chicago, IL (Vocus/PRWEB) January 23, 2011

The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc. ® (efamilybusiness.com), announced the launch of their newly redesigned blog, Family Business Education, Thoughts and Wisdom. The Family Business Education blog focuses on education for family-owned companies and will touch upon current challenges businesses face. The experienced consultants of FBCG share their own person insights, reflections, practical tools and experiences with family business education and encourage business members to participate in the dialog with their own ideas and comments.

In the spirit of learning together, The Family Business Consulting Group is creating a community of family business members, owners and next generations who appreciate and want to share ideas about the value of education in family-owned enterprises.

“Our blog is a great educational tool for family businesses,” says John Ward, co-founder of The Family Business Consulting Group. “We look forward to building a community of family business members and providing a valuable resource for family-owned companies.”

The Family Business Education blog can be found at familybusinessconsultinggroup.com.

To subscribe to Family Business Education, Thoughts and Wisdom, click here.

About The Family Business Consulting Group,Inc.:

Founded in 1994, The Family Business Consulting Group is the leading business consultancy exclusively devoted to helping family enterprises prosper across generations. With 22 consultants in the United States, Canada and Europe, FBCG advises more business-owning families than any other firm in the world. In addition to assisting clients with strategic planning and succession planning, FBCG consultants conduct research, present seminars and author newsletters and books addressing key issues such as conflict resolution, board development, and improving family relationships and communications. The firm is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

For more information about The Family Business Consulting Group and its services, visit efamilybusiness.com.

To hear the latest on what industry leaders are saying about education as it pertains to family business, visit our blog at familybusinessconsultinggroup.com.

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Inspirational Family Game Website Celebrates One Year Anniversary with New Games & New Blog

Sumner, MI (PRWEB) July 6, 2009

When it comes to wholesome games, most of what people find at big box retailers and toy stores are largely inappropriate. Many board games and video games these days are riddled with violent images and are mostly built around television characters and property. For the parents who truly value family time, there’s www.TheChristianFamilyShop.com.

“This business was started to honor God,” said Carol Terwilliger.

Terwilliger is the founder of TheChristianFamilyShop.com. She launched the website in June 2008 with the notion of spreading the Gospel and togetherness through Christian games.

“I’m devoted to families,” said Terwilliger. “I have kids, grandkids and foster kids. I have found that these Christian youth games are great ways to entertain them.”

Since its debut a year ago, the website has added several new products. One of its most recent additions is the hit computer game “Praise Guitar,” a music-based computer game with a guitar controller that uses Christian songs instead of secular music.

Another addition that coincides with The Christian Family Shop’s one year anniversary is the introduction of its educational blog, www.TheChristianFamilyBlog.com.

“With the blog, we want to encourage families to do things together and be active,” Terwilliger explained. “It’s a good tool to write about the games and the additional products on the web store.”

While many game and toy stores exist to simply sell and uses superficial elements to appeal to children, TheChristianFamilyShop.com combines the message of God with the concept of bringing families together in order to get back to the basics of the important parts of life.

“This is a family-oriented site and we want families to explore their time together,” said Terwilliger. “We are also centered on honoring God.”

About the Company:

TheChristianFamilyShop.com is a part of CMT Marketing Inc, which is owned and operated by Carol Terwilliger.

Contact Information:

Carol Terwilliger


(989) 833-7079

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