How much does a wedding in Miami Florida cost?

Question by Yanet Garcia: How much does a wedding in Miami Florida cost?
I wan’t to have a nice big wedding around august of next year. My fiancee and I will start saving this year so by next august we’ll have enough money for a nice big wedding. I already have enough for the dress that I want which is $ 1000+ so if anyone has any experience please get back to me.

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Answer by planner
wedding costs depend upon what the couple has to spend, not on the location of the wedding. all cities, including miami florida, offer weddings from cheap to ultra expensive. so the cost depends upon what you want to do, what you decide to serve, where you have the wedding, how many guests you have, etc.

people can get married on the beach in miami for a few hundred dollars, at the courthouse for even less, or they can get married in a church, at a banquet hall, a wedding venue, a hotel, a country club, or hundreds of other locations and the cost can be 50,000 dollars or more.

so, you would need to tell us what you want to do, what sort of wedding you want to have, how many guests you want to have and what type of venue you want before we can really give you any idea of what the costs would be.

ps. the dress is not the place to start. you should start with the venue.

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how much does it cost to replace a 31′ x 57′ stained glass window for a church?

Question by Alix: how much does it cost to replace a 31′ x 57′ stained glass window for a church?
My brother’s friend broke a stained glass window in the church they were painting today for their community service. I need to know how much it would cost to replace it. Kthnx.

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Answer by Joseph the Second
A LOT !!! Those Windows are Expensive ! -Anywheres from $ 500 & UP -depending on the Design… So your brothers Friend had BETTER start Praying- & Hard !!! 😮

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