Groups Need Leaders – ep.1: “the brochure”

Episode 1 of the “Groups Need Leaders” videos I produced for recruiting small group leaders at the Project. ( PRODUCTION NOTES: In response to some of the questions I get on a regular basis, I thought I would shed a little light on what goes into the creation of these videos… • I write up a quick treatment with only a basic concept, a few key lines and a rough sketch of the key roles. • The actors are recruited during the week and show up to the shoot having no idea what we are shooting. I cast the various parts based on who shows up and tweak the roles and lines accordingly. • We then shoot (guerrilla style) in less than 2 hours with a Sony HVR-Z5U, a boom mic and available light. Unless there are outdoor shots that require daylight, we shoot each scene (more or less) in order as it will appear in the final video. We also shoot plenty of extra material to fill gaps as need. This helps ensure that I have everything I need when editing as there are no opportunities for call backs. • I do a quick first cut right away (1-2 hours) to get the shots trimmed and in order. The next day I do a final cut (3-4 hours) tightening up the shots, color correcting, adding sound effects and titles. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.