GOD’S GIFT OF FREE WILL EXPLAINED (New Christian apologetics video, with transcript and music)

TRANSCRIPT BELOW: By Andrew Dorman April 10, 2011 I’ve heard it argued, specifically in a video by SisyphusRedeemed “Free Will and Divine Foreknowledge,” that God’s absolute knowledge defeats the notion of “free will.” Basically, if God knows everything that we will do in advance, then despite our feeling of power to make choices, we’re not exactly free. Our choices would be predetermined, and one’s decisions would be already set in stone. However, I will attempt to prove here that this conclusion involves a misconception as to what God’s knowledge would involve. For example, just because I can find out what the makers of Gone With the Wind had done to make the film, that fact doesn’t mean they didn’t freely choose those decisions. Now that the making of the film is past, it’s “set in stone,” but their decisions back in 1938-9 were fluid. Borrowing in part from St. Augustine’s notebook, let me add: basically, there are 3 modes of time: past, present, future. However, only past and future can be measured, because if we measure the present, we’re already going into the future. And if we think about the present, it’s already going back in the past. Time began with creation out of God’s eternal present. Whereas everything changes in time, God’s eternal creation is constant. Basically, for God, then, past, present and future are tenseless: In other words, God’s eternity would involve none of these. “Before” and “after” would be inconsequential, God’s knowledge would not be
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