GOD’S GIFT OF FREE WILL EXPLAINED (New Christian apologetics video, with transcript and music)

TRANSCRIPT BELOW: By Andrew Dorman April 10, 2011 I’ve heard it argued, specifically in a video by SisyphusRedeemed “Free Will and Divine Foreknowledge,” that God’s absolute knowledge defeats the notion of “free will.” Basically, if God knows everything that we will do in advance, then despite our feeling of power to make choices, we’re not exactly free. Our choices would be predetermined, and one’s decisions would be already set in stone. However, I will attempt to prove here that this conclusion involves a misconception as to what God’s knowledge would involve. For example, just because I can find out what the makers of Gone With the Wind had done to make the film, that fact doesn’t mean they didn’t freely choose those decisions. Now that the making of the film is past, it’s “set in stone,” but their decisions back in 1938-9 were fluid. Borrowing in part from St. Augustine’s notebook, let me add: basically, there are 3 modes of time: past, present, future. However, only past and future can be measured, because if we measure the present, we’re already going into the future. And if we think about the present, it’s already going back in the past. Time began with creation out of God’s eternal present. Whereas everything changes in time, God’s eternal creation is constant. Basically, for God, then, past, present and future are tenseless: In other words, God’s eternity would involve none of these. “Before” and “after” would be inconsequential, God’s knowledge would not be
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Metal Church – Gods of Wrath

Another heavy metal classic !!! It appeared on the “METAL CHURCH”-album (1984)(Their first album) The Lyrics: A lonely god you captured, do you feel the pain Tried to help the people but your help was all in vain You gave to us their fire, but who was watching you Chainin’ out a reason, now what you gonna do? Whoa, oh Yeah! Alright! Come on! Right now! Now that they picked you, a lesson has been taught Join us now in vengeance and let the bodies rot A thousand times a thousand is finally gonna end Storms of war are brewing- we need your help but when Whoa, yeah, ah! Gods of wrath Gods of wrath Gods of wrath Gods of wrath are heartless when they left you hanging there Cast out and abandoned, you had to pay the fare Now’s the time to break free and help us if you can Cause we’re all behind you to start the master plan Whoa, yeah, ah Gods of wrath Gods of wrath Gods of wrath Harpy’s fly by you Saying you will never learn Reach up to the heavens and let the bodies burn You know you have the answer You’ve always been a friend Break the chains in anger and let it all begin Whoa, yeah, ah Gods of wrath Gods of wrath Gods of wrath God, come down, gods are before you
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New Discount Christian Bookstore — Christian Couple Opens ?God?s Bookstore? Online

New Discount Christian Bookstore — Christian Couple Opens ‘God’s Bookstore’ Online

HONOLULU, HI (PRWEB) October 25, 2005

Joe Farias was employed for several years at a big chain book retailer located near his home in Kamuela, Hawaii. “Every day I stocked books, arranged displays, checked out customers, researched book titles, trained new staff and helped with business operations,” he says.

“I would never have guessed that the knowledge and experience I was soaking up would somehow fulfill God’s plan for my life — and that I would one day open an online Christian bookstore.”

To prepare for the new venture, Joe and Barbara conducted hands-on research. They traveled the U.S. near and far, attending conferences, meeting other bookstore owners and visiting more than 40 churches representing almost every Christian faith. “We asked people what they valued most in an online Christian bookstore – and we prayed,” says Barbara. “We wanted our online Christian bookstore to be an inspiration for others to lead more spirit-filled lives.”

The couple’s prayers were answered with http://www.GodsBookstorehi.com , where Christians can find 80,000 books, 2,000 DVDs and videos, 30,000 CDs, 8,000 individual tracks of music, 5,000 song books, 6,000 home school products – and 8,000 Bibles of every translation and description. The easily navigable website features all the best-sellers in Christian fiction and nonfiction for children, teens and adults.

“Our books and products address the struggles we all face in life,” says Barbara, “such as distressed marriages, chronic addiction, grave illness, troubled families and the uncertainty Christians experience in the face of natural disasters.

Joe says website visitors enjoy the capability of “trying out” books and music before they buy. “We offer sample chapters and downloadable music,” says Joe. “This website is fun as well as empowering and inspirational.”

Visit http://www.GodsBookstorehi.com and select gifts for Christmas. To contact Joe or Barbara Farias personally, call toll free (808) 960-2974 “We want to hear from Christian brothers and sisters all over the world.” says Barbara. “Our mission with this store is to love and selflessly serve God and our neighbors wholeheartedly.”


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