help writing a bible study lesson?

Question by super_corrie: help writing a bible study lesson?
HELP! ok so tuesday morning i have to give a bible study to my peers at my highschool. the topic im supposed to speak on is ‘decisions’ and its supposed to last 15-20 min but i have no idea where to start or how to continue once i get started. please write with ideas and references andif there is maby a web site that could help out. thank you!

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Answer by Todd P
Check out the website below, thanks!

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Someone help my wife just played so much the game Bejeweled 3?

Question by Zuko: Someone help my wife just played so much the game Bejeweled 3?
Now shes seeing jewels in the churchs stained glass windows in the morning.
i mean bejeweld 2.

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Answer by ProsmanKing

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What did the Catholic Church did to bring people back during the protestanism age please help?

Question by Maria S: What did the Catholic Church did to bring people back during the protestanism age please help?
What did the Catholic Church did to bring people back and stop the flood of people form leaving (this was during the protestanism age, Martin Luther, etc).
Please help .

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Answer by lucky2a2004
With numerous followers leaving to join Lutheranism and other Protestant religions, the Roman Catholic Church started the Counter-Reformation.

The Counter-Reformation kept the hierarchy system of pope as the leader, then cardinals, bishops, etc. However, the Counter-Reformation marked the first time the Catholic Church addressed the complaints filed against them and actually tried to reform themselves such as halting the selling of indulgences, simony (paying/bribing to gain a church position), etc.

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How come when I give to my church they dont help people, they just build bigger churches?

Question by No pseudonym: How come when I give to my church they dont help people, they just build bigger churches?
I notice all the churches in my city keep building bigger churches, or youth centers, or gyms, or day cares, or stupid scultures, or church camp cabins. I think it is pretty ridiculas. Wouldnt Jesus frown on the idea of building churches to compete with other churches? I think it is all a business.

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Youth centers, gyms, day cares do help people

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Any organizations that will help our church rebuild a building?

Question by me_ofcourse: Any organizations that will help our church rebuild a building?
We live in a rural community, and our church is trying to redecorate/remodel an old building that used to be our church. We want to make it a place that will give back to our community. The problem is we have a very low income right now. Do any of you know of an organization or company that can help us achieve this project?
Its in Texas, by the way.

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Answer by ToolManJobber
Why not the town itself? Raise a few bucks and place an ad in a State wide newspaper. Plan a country picnic and barbecue for next Spring. Get the word out and welcome tourists and charge about $ 15 each. You’ll get noticed with a few notes to local papers and maybe a bi line in a national rag like Parade. You don’t say what State, but it can be anyplace in the USA. People travel and someplace nice to go and bring the kids is a destination! Besides, the local highways have hotels and would love to get more business. Maybe they will pay for the ads with their names as sponsers! Not so hard to whip up a frenzy and make your small town a place to visit, donate and spend time and money! I’m not kidding you here. And I love rural living. My town used to be that way and I miss it.

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Know of any good church ministries to help the church people or others who need extra help?

Question by lovejesus: Know of any good church ministries to help the church people or others who need extra help?
Does your church have like a food bank, hospital visitation ministry, caring for the sick/homebound, bus to give rides to church?
I’m looking for more ideas to suggest at church. Thanks!

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Answer by Adrian
How about organizing an outreach to the local lesbian and gay community? And I don’t mean some organized bit of bad business that will try to convert gay people to straight as a condition of acceptance, but a real effort to bring all gay people into your church without judging them and with an open and loving heart of the congregation.

Daunting? Daring? In keeping with Jesus’ instructions? Of course. And, by the way, there are many in the gay community who are in great need of housing, food, comfort, and welcome. Families have been known to throw out their own children upon discovering that the kid is gay. GO OUT AMONG THOSE LOST PEOPLE AND HELP THEM.

How’s that for a meaningful mission?

And this advice is coming from an atheist.

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history, trinity church please help :D?

Question by ūüėČ rawrr.: history, trinity church please help :D?
my assignment is to create a brochure, and the place i have is trinity Church. i really have no idea what trinity is i have to write 3major events that happened where’s its located and why is it important? and 5 reasons why to visit it..helpp

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Answer by Lightning From the East
God is a trinity of persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is not the same person as the Son; the Son is not the same person as the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit is not the same person as Father. They are not three gods and not three beings. They are three distinct persons; yet, they are all the one God. Each has a will, can speak, can love, etc., and these are demonstrations of personhood. They are in absolute perfect harmony consisting of one substance. They are coeternal, coequal, and copowerful. If any one of the three were removed, there would be no God.

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How do you help family member to deal with a delusional disorder?

Question by Fawney: How do you help family member to deal with a delusional disorder?
A family member maybe suffering from a Jealous delusional disorder and the rest of the family do not know what action to take or how to go about helping them. They hope that the episodes will simply go away. How do you the person suffering from the disorder? How do you help the rest of the family deal with a mental illness in the family.

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Answer by drankurbhardwaj
you can help by taking him to a psychiatrist.

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Attn: Science Students, Help Solve the Superstring! Introduction:

Attn: Science Students, Help Solve the Superstring! Introduction:

 New Science of Spirituality

Redefining Reality:  Grassroots Research Solves the Superstring!

Henry Madison Jacobs

Copyright 2008-12-16

Trinity Leadership Research Center

Abstract: The photon is one contender. This series of articles and website, plus Taylor Hartman’s book The Color Code, and an aura photo from a local vender are all you need in order to prove: (1) the physics of psychology! (2) The psychology of physics! (3) The fact that God is Light!

This Trinity science-based leadership paradigm is also an approach to leadership that is consistent with both the actual teachings and the actual leadership methods¬†by both Jesus and his favorite disciple Saint John the Divine — as well as by the founders of other major religions — who all taught that God is Light! A recently invented aura tomography device (1999) makes this proof possible. This paper will focus on confirming and practicing this universal theology. The Trinity research website Abstract (of what has been learned so far) synthesizes evidence from all the sciences that God is Light, for use in optimizing the human personality. This paper consists of four articles:

            (1) Introduction

            (2) The Human-Based God-is-Light Experiment

            (3) Evidence in the Sciences that the Founders of Religions Solved the Superstring

            (4) If God is Light, What is Dark Energy


           As an introduction we shall analyze the leadership methods of Barack Obama through the eyes of an Organization Development (OD) process consultant like W. Edwards Deming and the author, as an example:

Barack Obama Has Climbed Jacobs Ladder!

      The popular Trinity public-service website about leadership psychology describes how seven different universal personality types perceive Reality. To climb this ladder, go to the end of the website introduction, click on Climb Jacobs Ladder, and start on step 1. When you get to the very top of the ladder you will recognize the balanced reconciling moderate leadership personality of Barack Obama. If his TAT-attitude-motive-combination does, in fact, contain all three social motives from the Harvard Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), as explained on the Trinity website, then his aura would normally be a bright white, like the Archangel St. Michael is depicted in angel methodology, and like the four Baptist preachers that the author has tested so far!

      Shouldn’t we all climb Jacobs Ladder too? Otherwise, Reality will continue to be defined for all of mankind by the rule-or-ruin game-playing adversarial authoritarian personality described at the bottom of Jacobs Ladder, whose aura would normally be a dark murky red, just like the devil is depicted in angel methodology. Dark reds perceive higher levels of personality development as weakness.

      Since these seven personality types are universal and exist within all cultures, the Trinity leadership paradigm, as practiced by Barack Obama, is the only way to achieve world peace! 

     The Trinity research website was created in 1997. It is a short simple summary of what all the sciences and all the religions tell us about Reality, as well as how and why each of the seven different personality types perceives Reality differently.

      This website, in combination with this recently invented aura tomography device, provides a new scientific method for helping children to learn to be their best and to do their best in leading their own lives and in leading others, as president-elect Obama himself appears to have done. The big change that Obama promises appears to be a change in leadership management methods and processes that could transform cultures worldwide.

      On a typical day, type Redefining Reality (title of website) in Google Search, and the Trinity website will be #1. Type Quantum Physics + God is Light + TAT Motives + Auras and it will be #1. And it will be in the top five in several other categories. These rankings will vary each day depending upon how many persons worldwide are climbing at any particular time.  The reference below about the sociology of leadership will typically be #2.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Become a better leadership coach for yourself and others by (1) climbing for an overview; then (2) take the Hartman Personality Characteristics Test and/or the Short L√ľscher Color Test and/or the TAT; and (3) predict your own colors. Then (4) get an aura photo somewhere in order to solve the Superstring for yourself! Then use this new knowledge about yourself to development more positive personality characteristics! If it works for you and your family and friends, then let‚Äôs spread it to classrooms worldwide and create a new generation of leaders who are all Disciples of Light!


Secondary research that supports this article is contained in an article entitled Redefining Reality: A Resolution to the Paradox of Emancipation and the Agency-Structure Dichotomy (ISSN: 1527-5558) by Timothy McGettigan at Central European University, Warsaw. Simply type Redefining Reality in Google Search, and his article will be near the top, along with the Trinity website.


Dr. Henry Madison Jacobs is a multidisciplinary research scientist, who has devoted over forty years to relating Einstein’s theories to color-choice psychology, quantum physics, cell biology, physiology, religion, leadership, and the mathematics of vibrations. He is the CEO of Trinity Leadership Research Center. Climb and learn how to be your best and do your best in leading your own life and in leading others! for free!

Article from

Sean Curley Aims to Help Humanist, Secular and Atheist Parents by Detailing Non-religious Parenting with New Book: ‘Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion’

Sean Curley Aims to Help Humanist, Secular and Atheist Parents by Detailing Non-religious Parenting with New Book: ‘Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion’

Golden, CO (PRWEB) July 18, 2007

In his book Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion, Sean Curley, in conjunction with Lulu, discusses the ramifications of parenting without reliance on religion. He also details rites, rituals, and practices that can be used in a home regardless of religious affiliation.

Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion is a practical guide for parents, grand parents, educators and other child-care-givers who want to parent without depending on traditions, practices, and rituals of established religions.

Sean Curley wrote Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion because he believes in the value religion has provided to the family in the form of traditions and common practices. He is attempting to bring these same benefits to the Humanist household, regardless of religious belief. Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion is available for purchase at Lulu, Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble.

“Parenting has always been difficult, but historically parents have had thousands of years of religious history, traditions and practices to use as a basis for their parenting. With the modern prevalence of the secular or Humanist household, this is no longer true and parents need a guide to help them understand the advantages of religion in parenting, but without reliance on religion.” said Sean Curley. “The book includes information on humanism, morality, spirituality, traditions, practices, moral issues, and has sections for teens and younger children.

Link to Publication*:


Sean Curley has been studying religions and philosophy all his life. After studying world religions in college, concluding they all have value, but none are uniquely correct, he came to Humanism. When he married a like-minded woman they embarked on a program of humanistic parenting. Mr. Curley has a BS degree in Computer Science, an MS degree in Engineering Management, and an MS degree in Space Studies. He currently lives with his family in Colorado.


Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world’s fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. Please see for more information.

MEDIA CONTACT: Sean Curley, humanismforparents @,

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