Sanctuary. A scene from Transformers 3 was filmed right here in this room. Abandoned City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana. HDR

Sanctuary. A scene from Transformers 3 was filmed right here in this room. Abandoned City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana. HDR
Image by slworking2
Watch a video I shot of this church – nine minutes long – on YouTube:

This church was featured in an episode of the TV show Life After People.

The city of Gary, Indiana was founded as a booming steel city as the twentieth century passed, and areas downtown saw the construction of several impressive buildings during these prosperous early years. In 1925, a cornerstone ceremony took place at 577 Washington St. to commemorate the construction of a Gothic Revival church called City Methodist. It was completed 21 months later, at the cost of one million dollars – 5,000 of which was contributed by the United States Steel Corp. (which also founded the city). Elbert Gary, the chairman of U.S. Steel and origin of the city’s name, donated a Skinner organ as well. The Bedford limestone structure consisted of a 50-foot tall sanctuary nave and elaborate stonework, and was able to seat 950 worshipers; City Methodist had a congregation of nearly 3,000 members in its heyday. The building was also home to Seaman Hall – a 1,000 seat auditorium, and a gymnasium with a full size basketball court. Storefronts were built into the building, with hopes that the income would offset the enormous maintenance costs.

During the 1920s, Pastor William Seaman rallied against the power of the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana, and welcomed black worshipers into City Methodist during a time when African Americans were not permitted in "white churches."

Gary entered a downward spiral during the 1960s, like many other industrial cities during the period. As U.S. Steel employment dwindled, the residents of Gary moved to nearby suburbs; then as jobs left downtown, city many residents moved out altogether while crime and poverty rose. By 1973 the church’s congregation had only 300 members and by 1975 the Methodists moved out of the structure. A second congregation occupied the building until they left in the early 1980s; some storefronts and office space was utilized for a while but soon the entire campus was completely abandoned.

Not long before the second congregation gave up the building, the organ went to a residence in Lansing, Illinois. While an addition was being made to the home and the organ installed, the home burned and most of Op.611 went with it. The console went through the floor into the basement.

City Methodist was burned in the Great Gary Arson of 1997, resulting in a large portion of the roof collapsed or missing. It is now owned by the city of Gary, and its future remains unclear.

A scene from the 2011 movie Transformers 3 was filmed inside this church.

To register your support for saving City Methodist Church, contact David Wright, Gary City Planner, 219-881-5090.

1967 City United Methodist Church Directory (includes old photos)
575 Washington Street
Gary, Indiana 46402

How many Christians here under estimated the pain and difficulty of the Christian life?

Question by Central N.Y. Guy: How many Christians here under estimated the pain and difficulty of the Christian life?
I never thought being a Christian would be a walk in the park, but I never ever came close to anticipating the level of pain and suffering I have experienced as a Christian. It’s been constantly heart ache and pain for me. And even at that level, it’s nothing compared to what some Christian missionaries and martyrs over sea’s have experienced. Thanks in advance for your answers. God bless.

Best answer:

Answer by God’s servant
no one knew what it would be like before they were saved

What do you think? Answer below!

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Church: Where Do We Go From Here!

Church: Where Do We Go From Here!

Church: Where Do We Go From Here!

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Home Page > Spirituality > Christianity > Church: Where Do We Go From Here!

Church: Where Do We Go From Here!

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Posted: Nov 18, 2010 |Comments: 0


Like everything else in this world, churches also go through change. When I joined a church in 1979 it was in the process of change. At the time it belonged to the Baptist Union and shortly after me joining the church resigned from the Baptist Union and changed from an Eldership led Church to a Pastor led Church.

Due to the fact that this was one of the significant events that happened to me as a young Christian and because there was so much for the ex-Baptist and myself to learn as a young Charismatic, I came to believe that “moving on” was what Christians do; God revealed new truth to us and then we left the old truth behind and moved on.

I clearly remember one significant meeting, when a group of leaders of that church declared: “When the cloud of truth moves on (referring to Moses being led by the cloud in the wilderness) they too would move on.” I was right there saying yes I would be one of those. Since then I have moved on a number of times as promised, sadly the vast majority that were in that room that night, have not.

That’s par for the course though, the church does move on and always when it does the movers criticise the stayers and the stayers are convinced and publish document after document that the movers are now in heresy.

It’s been happening for almost 1000 years now:

1054 “The Great Schism” – Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches divide.

1519 Martin Luther starts “The Reformation” and the Lutheran Church

1534 King Henry VIII proclaims himself head of the Church of England

1559 John Knox starts the Presbyterian Church in Scotland

1581 Robert Browne and Robert Harrison start Congregational Churches in England

1608 John Smyth starts Baptist Churches

1650 George Fox is arrested; his movement is first called ‘Quakers’

1784 John Wesley’s ‘Methodist Society’ separates from the Church of England

1820 (approx.) Brethren churches and Exclusive Brethren churches started, mainly by Christians from the Church of England

1900 Pentecostal churches started in America

1960 (approx.) Independent Charismatic churches start in the U.K

More recently there has been the Emerging Church Movement and the House Church Movement.

The people in the emergent church like to call it a conversation. What those involved in the conversation mostly agree on is their disillusionment with the organized and institutional church and their support for the deconstruction of modern Christian worship, modern evangelism, and the nature of modern Christian community. The same pattern persists though, those that move on can’t believe that people can’t see the new truth and those that stay write the new movement off as reckless and heretical. Now with the introduction of internet there are just so many mean ways to discredit each other.

Recently, there has been an even wider spread rejection of religion and structure in the church. Many of these people just stopped going to church altogether, not rejecting God or Jesus, but just opposed to structure and the traditional interpretation of many of the scriptures in the Bible. I have seen a greater tolerance of other religions including Eastern philosophies and even new age developing. I know many people that while following the directive to pursue the Kingdom of God to some extent feel that they have out-grown church. To me it is a natural progression. Where does one go when you have rid yourself of the shackles of religion and form, but you are still pursuing spiritual truth?

Perhaps it’s time to look up into the heaven as the wise men following a star did 2000 years ago. Astrologers tell us that in Moses’ time it was the Age of Taurus, the bull, hence the Israelites worshipping a golden calf the first time Moses came down from the mountain. During Jesus’ time until now it has been the age of Pisces, the fish, hence all the fish references in the New Testament and even fish symbols on people cars.

Apparently the planet is now moving into Aquarius. So this really is ‘the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ as the song from the controversial musical of the 60’s, ‘Hair,’ so rightly said. This is the ‘Water Carrier’ and some people believe that this is what Jesus’ was referring to in Luke 22:10 “Jesus replied, ‘As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters” They say that he is referring to a new dispensation, a new age. To me this is a stretch, but not impossible that it is a reference to the New Age of Aquarius.

I did some research on the meaning of the Age of Aquarius and “stumbled” up this passage:

“The sign of Aquarius shows a man with two pitchers of water who is wisely combing these waters. The doctrine of the Age of Aquarius is thus termed the “Doctrine of the Synthesis”, the synthesis of all authentic religions and systems of self-realization. In the Aquarian Age dogmatic types of Christianity will cease to be taught, and all dogmatic forms will disappear. In this age science will become religious, and religion will become scientific. Disagreements between science and religion will come to an end, and people will begin to comprehend that both spirit and matter are derived from the same source, and are only modifications of the One Universal Energy.”

I find that very interesting!

Some of my friends and I have been researching Quantum Physics and String theory recently and have been trying to figure out what is the true nature of reality. My son brought a DVD home the other day of Rob Bell, a well know, fairly ‘out of the box’ Christian speaker, called Everything is Spiritual. In it he talks about Creation, the behaviour patterns of atoms and energy. As well as the fact that Scientists can now confirm 11 and more different dimensions as well as other very interesting discoveries and hypotheses. My friends and I have also been looking into other beliefs and religions to see if there is anything that can be learned from them, as well as making a point of not being judgemental of what others believe.

Perhaps the Age of Aquarius is already starting to take effect. I think there is a possible connection between Aquarius, the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 and the 1000 years of Peace spoken about in Revelations. What with the New World Order looming in the natural world and the Age of Aquarius in the Heavens we are surely in for some extremely interesting times.

Keep your eyes and mind open!

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Roy Stuart Heeley
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Is anyone here ordained by the Universal Life Church?

Question by Digital Age: Is anyone here ordained by the Universal Life Church?
Do you use your credentials to performs weddings, funerals, etc. Do you operate a ministry with your credential? What reaction have you gotten from conventional ministers?

Best answer:

Answer by Charlotte B
never used it, but its greeted with amusement by conventional ministers.

What do you think? Answer below!