How do I have page views on my blog from Cairo, Egypt if their internet is down?

Question by SensoryOverload2012: How do I have page views on my blog from Cairo, Egypt if their internet is down?
I just have a small Christian blog that I just started on Jan. 7, 2011 and hadn’t had any views from Egypt before yesterday. Now I have a few hits from Cairo but I thought their internet is down. Most of my page views are from America, where I am located. It just seems odd to me.

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Answer by My Grain
I thought they’d out it up again about a day ago.

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American Bible Society and ChristianMobile Launch International Direct-to-Consumer Mobile Internet Site

American Bible Society and ChristianMobile Launch International Direct-to-Consumer Mobile Internet Site

New York (PRWEB) March 19, 2007

ChristianMobile, creators of VirtualBible™, the first ever Bible delivered to a mobile phone by way of a premium sms-text message, facilitated the implementation of the American Bible Societies’ direct-to-consumer mobile internet site

The service enables mobile phone users in more than 150 countries across all networks to purchase and download the Bible on their mobile phones by visiting from their mobile phone.

John Cruz, Vice President for, American Bible Society, said, “The American Bible Society is pleased to partner with ChristianMobile to distribute Scripture in an innovative and highly accessible format, Through this creative technology, people can read the Bible’s messages of inspiration, strength, courage and hope on their cell phones wherever they are, whenever they wish.”

The service utilizes Bango’s global billing solution which dynamically presents the best payment method to the consumer. Once in the site a customer can choose one of various payment methods to pay for a Bible download, such as direct operator billing (including PayForIt™ in the UK), Premium SMS, credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Bertus Preller, Marketing Executive at ChristianMobile, said, “We opted for the Bango billing solution which provides ‘browse and buy’ technology to power the Bible Societies’ newly-launched WAP site. The WAP site will engage directly with its users in order to promote and sell a number of Bible Translations across all mobile carriers.” Mr. Preller explained, “The ‘browse and buy technology’ enables users to pay in a chosen currency and to download the Bible in easy steps. We hope to engage also with mobile carriers to broaden the distribution. It is a real honor to be an instrument in God’s hands to spread the Gospel in such an exiting way.” Mobile users access the mobile site by entering into their phone browser or by clicking through from specific promotions.

About the American Bible Society

Founded in 1816 and headquartered in New York City, the mission of the American Bible Society is to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so that all people may experience its life-changing message. The Bible Society works around the world in ways that bring the Bible and its message to all. It was one of the founders of the United Bible Societies and remains one of the most staunch supporters of the Bible cause. The American Bible Society Web site is

About ChristianMobile

ChristianMobile™ is a leading developer and distributor of mobile content for the Christian community. ChristianMobile™, founded during August 2005, was the world’s first Christian mobile content subscription service and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. ChristianMobile™ distributes mobile content such as ring tones, a wide variety of Christian wallpapers, animations and daily inspirational services such as devotions, prayers, verses, quotations, music videos and the Bible.ChristianMobile™ pioneered the development of VirtualBible™ on mobile phones, the first ever commercially available java format of the Bible delivered by premium text/sms to a mobile handset. ChristianMobile™ also pioneered the launch of the world’s first Christian mobile chat application CmChat™.

For further information, please contact:

Bertus Preller

Absolute Mobile (Pty) Ltd t/a ChristianMobile™


Tel: +27 21 5283000


Roy Lloyd

American Bible Society

(212) 408-8731


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The Internet, Freedom of Speech and the Anti-Gay App

The Internet, Freedom of Speech and the Anti-Gay App
Pressure is mounting on Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) to rid its store of an Anti-Gay App. Over at the Huffington Post, Wayne Bessen writes that Exodus International, the largest Christian organization offering a “cure” for homosexuality, is bragging that Apple gave it a 4+ rating, signifying the absence of “offensive content.”
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Muslim group talks Sharia
currently being debated in many states. Held in the Willard Building, about 20 people attended the meeting — some with little to no knowledge of Sharia.
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Kids wade into tough issues for History Day
COSTA MESA – Anyone who thinks the hot-button political issues of the day should only be discussed by grown-ups would have been blown away by the breadth of knowledge and creativity on display at Orange County ‘s National History Day competition Saturday.The 500 or so students from 4th…
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The battle over Internet sales tax

The battle over Internet sales tax
States on a tight budget are looking everywhere, including Internet sales, to squeeze out some extra money.
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Danica Patrick Becomes Highest-Finishing Female In NASCAR History; Our Writer Eats Crow For Being Wrong
Danica Patrick became the highest-finishing female in NASCAR history with a fourth-place finish at Las Vegas today – and I became officially wrong about her. I’ve taken shots at Danica since her entrance into NASCAR for jumping into a top series too early without enough experience – and seeming to not be committed enough in the process. And when she started her career off by not even coming …
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Mardi Gras recipe: Easy New Orleans pralines
Mardi Gras pralines can easily be made using a microwave. Laissez les bon temps rouler!
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Church Internet Style – The Need For Skilled Church Web Style

Church Internet Style – The Need For Skilled Church Web Style

Church Internet Style – The Need For Skilled Church Web Style

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Church Internet Style – The Need For Skilled Church Web Style

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Posted: Nov 12, 2010 |Comments: 0


As it has been the case in most alternative media, the church has invariably been behind the times when it comes to effectively using new media to additional the Gospel. It absolutely was the case in Radio, in Tv and is not any totally different currently in the internet. What’s different with the internet is that the net is additional accessible to a wider audience. Yes after all the whole world has access to the net and therefore to any internet web site that’s revealed on the internet. What’s additional the net has the potential to reach a wider audience for a ton less money than Television. As of this writing over sixty% of USA households are connected to the internet! Several ministries do not grasp a way to use the web to actively reach out to a wider audience. Many Churches do have a web website nowadays but these are a lot of often than not nothing however glorified brochures at best and terribly amateurish designed at worst. These are the days where folks are changing into additional and a lot of net savvy and can tell the difference between a amateurish church web style and a professionally designed net web site A visitor can sometimes have an image or opinion of your church based mostly merely on the look of your internet web site compared to others. The same is true for a ministry who might get fellowship with alternative Churches. They can usually first visit that Church’s net website to induce an plan concerning their ministry. The 000 query you should be asking yourself is that this: How will my ministry be perceived by someone who only visited my net site but has not seen my church? No this doesn’t mean that you would like to have a heap of fancy flash and moving pictures on your net website generally this stuff create your net web site too slow to load and potential guests will lose patience and move on. What you are doing want is merely a skilled Church Web Design. Whereas it could be tempting to go the do it yourself route, 99% of the time it will show. If you are serious regarding your ministry, your church, you ought to really hire a professional to style your net website for you. How abundant will it value you to get a skilled web web site nowadays? This is often what you’ll need: -a domain name .00 -internet hosting .00 – 49.00/Mo -wed design $three hundred – 00 Realistically you’ll be able to get a professional internet website designed for about 00.00 and typically this even includes hosting, domain name & net website design. A professional church web site can profit your ministry tremendously. Your membership will grow, you may more likely receive online donations, you’ll be seen by your peers as somebody who is serious about ministry. All in all cash spent on professional internet style is money well spent.

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Daniel Butler
About the Author:

Jeff Patterson has been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in Web Design, you can also check out his latest website about

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How is the world wide web different from the internet ?
How is the world wide web different than the internet ?

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If I watch church service videos on the internet or on TV, is that considered attending church?

Question by Secret Asian Man: If I watch church service videos on the internet or on TV, is that considered attending church?

Best answer:

Answer by lis that one beaner
no, cause your not “attending”

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How to get connection with Christian Fiction Fans on Internet?

Question by Pat G: How to get connection with Christian Fiction Fans on Internet?
Does anyone know of any good websites or blogs to get connected with Christian Fiction readers and authors?

Best answer:

Answer by cartejacob
not sure,
but I know I’m a fan of christian fiction

my email is and i’m on facebook

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