Does anyone know which brands overlap between LVMH and Christian Dior and which ones are mutually exclusive?

Question by Derelicte: Does anyone know which brands overlap between LVMH and Christian Dior and which ones are mutually exclusive?
LVMH = Louis Vutton Moet Hennessy

Christian Dior owns 42% stake in LVMH

Best answer:

Answer by Davy
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How do I know if my church is in the United Methodist Annual Conference?

Question by daniellepathetique: How do I know if my church is in the United Methodist Annual Conference?
For a scholarship I need to know my church’s annual conference. I attend a United Methodist church in the south. Where can I find this information?

Best answer:

Answer by Arbitrary Person
Ask your pastor.

Google the conference and see if they have a list of churches that are part of it.

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Know of any good church ministries to help the church people or others who need extra help?

Question by lovejesus: Know of any good church ministries to help the church people or others who need extra help?
Does your church have like a food bank, hospital visitation ministry, caring for the sick/homebound, bus to give rides to church?
I’m looking for more ideas to suggest at church. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Adrian
How about organizing an outreach to the local lesbian and gay community? And I don’t mean some organized bit of bad business that will try to convert gay people to straight as a condition of acceptance, but a real effort to bring all gay people into your church without judging them and with an open and loving heart of the congregation.

Daunting? Daring? In keeping with Jesus’ instructions? Of course. And, by the way, there are many in the gay community who are in great need of housing, food, comfort, and welcome. Families have been known to throw out their own children upon discovering that the kid is gay. GO OUT AMONG THOSE LOST PEOPLE AND HELP THEM.

How’s that for a meaningful mission?

And this advice is coming from an atheist.

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Kendall M. Rogers Writes Book, Stained Glass Jesus: A Challenge to Know the Real Christ

Kendall M. Rogers Writes Book, Stained Glass Jesus: A Challenge to Know the Real Christ

Westland, Mich. (PRWEB) May 12, 2010

Holy Fire Publishing ( releases Stained Glass Jesus (Paperback, U.S. $ 15.99, ISBN# 978-1-60383-309-7). Kendall M. Rogers presents God’s plan for a fulfilling life based on faith, hope and love that comes only through Christ’s righteousness.

Stained Glass Jesus is written for those who are serious about their faith and long for more from the Christian life than just warming a church pew on Sunday mornings. Kendall Rogers presents Biblical principles to rekindle the spiritual embers of committed Christians, lays the foundations for curious onlookers who want to know what the Christian life is all about, and for the lost pilgrim who has taken one too many wrong turns, the opportunity to begin again. Stained Glass Jesus clearly presents God’s plan to a fulfilling life based on faith, hope and love that comes only through Christ’s righteousness.

He’s called many things: Savior, Messiah, the Christ, the One, so many different names. Jesus introduced Himself to the world atop a hillside many centuries ago, and yet many still don’t Him. Stained Glass Jesus doesn’t focus on the reader’s devotion, faith or creed. It focuses on one man, the one called The One, Jesus Christ. Rogers writes to challenge readers to respond to Jesus: “Have we really considered His teachings? Can any of us know what was on His mind? Would we recognize Him if He were sitting right beside us?”

Our morality can’t impress the One who is holy, holy, holy and enthroned among the seraphim. Just because we behave ourselves doesn’t mean we’re redeemed. External good deeds cannot erase internal iniquity…We are so guilty of emphasizing the accomplishments of the hands and not regarding [the] attitude of the heart. In short: no one on earth, according to the Son of God, no matter how good and seemingly righteous they may appear, has fulfilled at any time the necessary demands of God’s holiness.—Book excerpt, Stained Glass Jesus

“Many people go to church and bow their heads to Him. His name is the one they end their prayers in. He is mentioned behind our pulpits and is known among society. We know the book we call the Bible is true concerning Him. We claim Him, but do we truly know Him? There are many people who are following a Jesus who really is not the Son of God at all. They’ve become used to fitting into the church. But would the real Jesus actually be welcomed in their midst? […]

Stained Glass Jesus has only one goal: to get you to know Him and become better acquainted with Him, the real Jesus, and not the stained glass image we might be more comfortable with. If you’ve never known Him, or follow religion and not the Redeemer, then this is a turning point for you. He’s come to save us all.”—Kendall M. Rogers

Kendall M. Rogers, 29, holds a Master’s in Theology and a Doctorate in Ministry. At age 12, he moved with his missionary family to St. Petersburg, Russia. While there, he learned to speak and read Russian fluently and was called into the ministry to serve as co-pastor and assistant director. After 15 years, he returned to the U.S. to further his education. He lives in Westland, Mich., and ministers with Last Day Harvesters. He is available for speaking engagements and book signings.

Holy Fire Publishing (, publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.

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How does the Salvation Army know that the ones who open the “bell ringer” pots are not stealing money?

Question by fantasy5player: How does the Salvation Army know that the ones who open the “bell ringer” pots are not stealing money?
Every day this time of year the Salvation Army has people opening thousands of those red donation containers all throughout the U.S.A how do they know that the people opening those containers are not pocketing money ? Are they on camera? Is there more then one person there?
OH a lock on the bucket ! that answers my question exactly ! Please re read the question.

Best answer:

Answer by sararamasite
there is a lock on the bucket.

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Know About the Digital Color Printing Services

Know About the Digital Color Printing Services

Digital technology has become a necessity, especially in printing industry. Digital color printing satisfies the printing need for many. It has become essential to have updated knowledge to know the latest trends in digital color printing. A wide selection of articles and web sites on digital color printing technology is available to keep you well-informed on the past, present and latest things in digital color printing. To utilize the appropriate service, it is essential to know about the available digital color printing services.

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Concorde Printing and Copying Inc. is the company of choice for high-quality printing services. Concorde Printing & Copying Inc.’s printing capabilities range from simple black and white prints to color prints, including single, spot and full-color printing. Concorde offers high-quality and high-speed photocopying. They offer both black and white and color copy services. If you are looking for a Chicago full color printing company, get in contact with Concorde Printing and Copying Inc. online. They are sure to offer high quality, yet cheap and discount priced, online color digital printing worldwide.

Digital printing press, Australia’s Full Color Online Printing Company, provides digital color printing into your current workflow to enable applications such as print on demand and one-to-one marketing.

Save time and money when your files are printed directly to digital presses through online printing services. You also have the benefit of instant, online print quotes and online proofing and approval process with online color printing services. These online printing service providers offer friendly customer service and provide fast, affordable and high quality

Rameshkumar is a Copywriter of digital printing . Contact him at

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The Church Fundraiser’s Primary Checklist – Know How to Start a Fundraising Project

The Church Fundraiser’s Primary Checklist – Know How to Start a Fundraising Project

The Church Fundraiser’s Primary Checklist – Know How to Start a Fundraising Project

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Home Page > Business > Fundraising > The Church Fundraiser’s Primary Checklist – Know How to Start a Fundraising Project

The Church Fundraiser’s Primary Checklist – Know How to Start a Fundraising Project

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Posted: Apr 02, 2009 |Comments: 0
| Views: 228 |


Bringing forth good in whatever you do in support of the church has been a practice of almost all ministries and church affiliations regardless of religious beliefs. Fundraising is a key element in enabling many of these practices. Church fundraisers can either be a group of people or an activity intended to generate an adequate sum of money to support the church’s activities, operations and other sundry events all on behalf of the ministry and its people.

Church fundraising has been a critical part of the programs of the church and the people behind it, because contributions from believers and other sponsors are usually not sufficient for the sustenance and provision of the church. Since the amount coming from church collections and tithes are the only funds allowing the church to continue what has been started, the need for additional financial assistance is crucial for carrying on the mission of the church.

However, the big question is how can a group of people start off with their church fundraisers planning and make it a successful one? This is the exact question frequently asked by those who are willing to volunteer and provide their full service for the benefit of the church programs. Since there are a lot of religious groups and affiliations in a church community, it is generally the church youth group fundraisers who are more often than not taking in the responsibility. Needless to say, there are also support groups coming from elders in the church community.

To give you some helpful guidelines, use the following checklist to arm yourself and your community with the purpose of raising funds for the church. You need to check and mark these things out.

* Check and determine the primary purpose of the fund raising project. If you are planning to hold a fund raising program, you need to set your objective of convening an event. If this is meant for the church’s ongoing construction, support for the poor people or an added fund for an upcoming major church event, then all these significant matters should be put in writing and in your proposal plan.

* Check and evaluate how much money should be raised. The target sum of money should be properly discussed and supported among other members of the committee.

* If there is a fundraising project involved, of course, there should also be programs for sponsors and other people to expect. For instance, the church community will hold a concert and tickets that will be sold are all for the benefit of the church’s financial stability. Therefore, if you are going to set church fundraisers, ensure that you have a program or event to serve as a secondary purpose of the church fundraising that supports sponsors and even the community.

No matter what kind of fund raising project your church will organize, it is essential that you hold on to your primary purpose to bring forth and continue the works of the church and be able to contribute in your own little way both in giving your full service without asking something in return and to ultimately provide support to your ministry.

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Roger Carr
About the Author:

To learn more about church fundraisers, go to Roger Carr is the founder of Everyday Giving.


Questions and Answers

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I just found out that my husband of 10yrs cheated on me and may have a 2yr old baby girl. I’m extremly lost don’t know where to start… Should we pay for a paternity test and then go to court??…
I’m thingking to run a small cleaning services but i dont know how to start . can you help me? thank you
My husband recently underwent of chest wall surgery. tumor is malignant.had liver transplant.Recovery is very slow and had lot of back pain and also diabetics.I want to know when he start his Nexavor

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Church Fundraisers Advice

This can be tricky to put on a successful fundraiser of the church. You know that they often take a long time and a lot of work, and sometimes you do not get the kind of monetary compensation to which you had hoped. Instead, why not try selling Christian t-shirts, as a church fundraiser? For you youth group leaders, Christian T-shirts can be one of your best ideas of the youth group to raise funds again.

Jack Molenl

Oct 05, 2010

Gifts Roll Up Church Endowment Fund

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Bryce Jacksonl

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How to Get People Involved with Church Fundraising

Generally, many people do not get involved in ministries and activities in the church because they are uninformed, lack a sense of belongingness and acceptance, do not have a model to follow or do not have time and resources. Church fundraising is a serious matter. If it is not well-planned, well understood and well implemented, it may pose possible complications between and among the congregation and the leaders that may even lead to serious damages as lawsuits and divisions.

Science vs Religion – Did you know the black plague was a tipping point between Religion and science?

Question by fistycuffs: Science vs Religion – Did you know the black plague was a tipping point between Religion and science?
When prayers did not work science was pursued and the difference was they turned from cures promoted and approved by the local monasteries and introduced observations into the diagnosis.
In secret they practiced a method of observation, trial and recommendations in a climate of fear that they could be beheaded or burned alive as heretics.
Today, religion still objects to science without having effective and factual alternatives
You would think they would learn by now, right?

Best answer:

Answer by Walter
What are you blathering about?

Give your answer to this question below!

Making Small Groups Work: What Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know

Making Small Groups Work: What Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know

Lead small groups through astounding growth with principles from the best-selling books How People Grow and Boundaries.No matter what need brings a group of people together—from marriage enrichment to divorce recovery, from grief recovery to spiritual formation—members are part of a small group because they want to grow. This book by psychologists Henry Cloud and John Townsend provides small-group leaders with valuable guidance and information on how they can help their groups to grow spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. With insights from their best-selling book How People Grow, Cloud and Townsend show how God’s plan for growth is made up of three key elements: grace plus truth plus time. When groups embrace those elements, they find God’s grace and forgiveness and learn how to handle their imperfections without shame as they model God’s love and support to one another.In addition to describing what makes small groups work, Leading Small Groups That Help People Grow explains the roles and responsibilities of both leaders and group members. Employing tenets from the book How People Grow, this book equips leaders to understand the ins and outs of how to promote growth, and using principles from their best-selling book Boundaries, they show how to identify and find solutions for common problems such as boredom, noncompliance, passivity, aggression, narcissism, spiritualization, over-neediness, over-giving, and nonstop talking.

List Price: $ 14.99


Does anybody know if there is a hotel near the assembly of god church in Janesville wisconsin?

Question by nncywlndr: Does anybody know if there is a hotel near the assembly of god church in Janesville wisconsin?

Best answer:

Answer by ckswife
Go to “” or “”. Click onto “hotels” , type in “Janesville, WI” and there you are. If there is nothing under Janesville, look at a map and find the nearest city to Janesville and search that city on “” or “Orbitz,com”.

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