ANCIENT CHRISTIAN TEACHING: Lesson 1 On Renunciation; PT 2/3 of “The Problem & Cure for Humanity”

Author: St Dorotheos of Gaza Type: Audiobook Name: Practical Teachings on the Christian Life Chapter: Lesson 1 On Renunciation This portion comes from this w…

help writing a bible study lesson?

Question by super_corrie: help writing a bible study lesson?
HELP! ok so tuesday morning i have to give a bible study to my peers at my highschool. the topic im supposed to speak on is ‘decisions’ and its supposed to last 15-20 min but i have no idea where to start or how to continue once i get started. please write with ideas and references andif there is maby a web site that could help out. thank you!

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Answer by Todd P
Check out the website below, thanks!

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