Lazarus Lives

For full version: Mortals’ greatest fear is death. Lazarus Lives gives assurance that Jesus has all power over death. This is miraculously shown when the Master travels to meet Lazarus’ sisters, Martha and Mary, after Lazarus has laid dead in the tomb for four days. When Jesus comes to Bethany, He mourns Lazarus’ death and His friends witness the deep love He has for His friends. Martha and Mary’s tears of sorrow are changed instantly to joy when their brother Lazarus’ life is restored and they understand the Savior’s promise of eternal life to all that believe in Jesus. A terrific way to teach a child this story of God’s faithfulness. Order now for that special child, family, or friend.

Teach To Change Lives – Glenn Brooke Change Lives Review

Teach To Change Lives – Glenn Brooke Change Lives Review

Teach To Change Lives – Glenn Brooke Change Lives Review

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Home Page > Spirituality > Christianity > Teach To Change Lives – Glenn Brooke Change Lives Review

Teach To Change Lives – Glenn Brooke Change Lives Review

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Posted: Jul 28, 2009 |Comments: 0



I believe that a teacher affects eternity. I remember when I first entered school; I always looked up to my teacher and followed everything she taught me. Perhaps I owe much of what I am now to the countless teachers who helped me grow and mature as a person. Teachers teach to instil values. They teach to develop potentials. They teach to change lives.

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But there are different kinds of teachers, and not all of them can be found inside the classroom. Just the same, not all of knowledge can be found in textbooks. In fact, most of what’s essential can be found not in textbooks, but in the Bible.  Bible teachings can change lives. However, for a Bible teaching to be effective, these four elements must be present – excellent lesson content, prepared students, prepared teacher, and effective learning methods. Now, you might ask: How will these four elements be achieved? My response is this: Teach the Bible to Change Lives by Glenn Brooke.

This instruction manual will teach you how to design a lesson that will leave people hungry for more, the four easy ways to get your class involved in discussion, the two things you must know before you use study Bibles and computer Bible software, the three critical questions every teacher must answer, what you should do five days before you teach, how to prepare your heart before you study or teach, and a lot more.

Also, with this instruction manual, you will be able to practice the methods in just three weeks, apply them, and start seeing the results as early as the first week.

The Bible holds much of the world’s greatest lessons. Teach to Change Lives and affect eternity for certain.

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Chris Jensen
About the Author:

This author really finds Small Group Bible Studies and self improvement sensible.


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Teach To Change Lives – Beth Moore Bible Studies

Beth Moore is considered as a woman of the four P’s – purpose, preparation, prayer, and passion.

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Teach To Change Lives – Small Group Bible Studies

First is that it takes time for good things to happen. Allow time for the people to ready their hearts for praising God.

Chris Jensenl

Jul 28, 2009
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Who Are You?

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Any personal experiences?
How has the growth of the Catholic church affected you?
Your experiences with the Catholic church?
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Christian Life Coach Training at PCCCA Transforms Lives

Cape Coral, FL (PRWEB) October 13, 2005

Christian Life Coach training at PCCCA is transforming destinies one life at a time. Students flock to PCCCA for training as enrollment numbers boom.

“I am still basking in the glow of this afternoon’s training session,” said Dr. Leelo-Dianne Bush.

Dr. Bush is the founder and president of PCCCA, Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy. (

Her philosophy and that of the school, is to train Christian Life Coaches with a one-to-one student-instructor ratio. Because of the effectiveness of one-to-one training, the school has grown rapidly as word of mouth has spread. Dr. Bush said she is adding two Master Christian Life Coach certified trainers to her staff by the end of the month to accommodate the rapidly increasing student census.

Upon enrollment, students receive a manual, materials and textbook. They work through the accelerated course over 12 weeks, with weekly phone training sessions. Students can reside anywhere since using phone sessions removes geographic barriers. Students currently reside in California, Florida, Missouri, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts, Colorado and Puerto Rico.

“God has given each individual a unique calling. Traditional classes or tele-classes simply aren’t sufficient to address an individual Christian Coach’s training needs,” said Dr. Bush.

Bush says that the Certified Christian Life Coach program is bible-based and not only turns out world-class Christian coaches, but each student undergoes remarkable transformation as the Holy Spirit moves in the sessions.

“This course is really for those who are serious about allowing God to direct their lives,” said Dr. Bush. “I have trained many, many students and during the course, trainees discover their true calling from God, find their purpose, and get clarity about their own lives, both professionally and personally. This has happened for every student I have worked with. We graduate ‘complete’ Christian coaches. Our graduates have learned to walk their talk. They are living examples of the wonderful love and power of Christ living in us.”

Dr. Bush made it clear that it wasn’t her but God working through her, that makes this possible.

In addition to the Christian Coach training, a strong emphasis is put on marketing and business practices, so that graduates are equipped to coach, market their practices and run their businesses profitably.

Dr. Bush told us that although nearly all who enter coach training hope to become professional coaches, sometimes revelations that occur during the sessions lead students to also form ministries.

“One such individual is Abonge Nrganui. During the course, she realized she has had a calling for some time to help the people of her homeland, Cameroon. After a session mid-way through the course, she took steps to found her ministry, A Place of Hopes. ( This has become an international ministry to help the youth and adult population in Cameroon. Nrganui also has a coaching practice, specializing in helping social workers manage their case loads and relieve stress at

In a published testimonial, Ms. Nrganui said about the course, ” God is great! Amen! He does marvelous things. He opens windows and doors. I have never been so blessed in my life, until after I started my coaching course and realized what my vision is. Thank you so much.”

“It is unbelievably exciting to see what God does in the lives of those who are willing,” said Dr. Bush. “In my opinion, this course is worth its weight in gold, even if someone is not planning to become a professional life coach.”

For more information about PCCCA course offerings, visit


Teach To Change Lives – Small Group Bible Studies

Teach To Change Lives – Small Group Bible Studies

Leading small group Bible studies can be challenging. Leaders must figure out how to keep sessions running without burn-out and how to have the right expectations. Also, they have to build a feeling of community and encourage active participation in every group meeting.

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They say that in order for worship in a small group setting to be effective, these three expectations must be embraced:

First is that it takes time for good things to happen. Allow time for the people to ready their hearts for praising God. Next is that people need clear direction and guidance. Provide verbal or vocal cues about what you want them to do. The last one is that you do not have to entertain the people with new material. Constant use and repetition are two important elements in conducting small group Bible studies. It may be difficult to grasp something with our hearts by hearing or reading something just once.

Building a sense of unity and encouraging active participation, on the other hand, may be achieved by doing these things: First, practicing spontaneity to create a relaxed feeling in your small group. Encourage sharing of insights and interpretations of Bible verses. Next, be aware of language limitations. Remember that many words in older Bible translations have changed their meaning since they were first translated. Third, do not exclude other versions of the Bible, and fourth, do not get too far away from the Word.

Leading small group Bible studies can indeed be very challenging. Like a shepherd leading a small flock, you are directing your members into listening to the Word of God and ultimately changing the course of their lives.

This author enjoys collecting information on Beth Moore Bible Studies and self improvement.

Teach To Change Lives – Beth Moore Bible Studies

Teach To Change Lives – Beth Moore Bible Studies

Beth Moore is considered as a woman of the four P’s – purpose, preparation, prayer, and passion. She is the founder of Living Proof Ministries, which is a biblically-based organization for women established in 1994. This organization’s focus is to help women who desire to model their lives on evangelical Christian principles. Moreover, she shares her biblical insights, otherwise known as the Beth Moore Bible studies, by teaching the Sunday school at her local church and authoring a number of books.

Click Here For Teach To Change Lives Best Deal Now!

Books written by Beth Moore include Believing God, Stepping Up, Loving Well, Breaking Free, and Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman, which she dedicated to her two daughters. This Bible study discusses women’s emotions, our need for a mother figure in our life, our insecurities, and our feelings towards other women.

Some of her other works are When Godly People Do Ungodly Things: Arming Yourself in the Age of Seduction; Jesus: The One and Only; The Beloved Disciple: Following John to the Heart of Jesus; The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Daniel: Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy; Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit; To Live is Christ: The Life and Ministry of Paul; and A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place.

These books were written based on the Bible studies that she regularly conducts at the Living Proof Live conferences and at her local church, First Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Although her target audience is obviously women, men can definitely come and attend her bible studies if they want.

The Beth Moore Bible studies have reached numerous countries including Ireland, England, India, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, and have certainly helped change countless lives.

This author has a lot of good things to say about Teach To Change Lives and bible study.

Vertical Worship Tools: My Savior Lives

Vertical Worship Tools: My Savior Lives

Vertical Worship Tools: My Savior Lives by New Life Worship is a complete tool kit for Worship Leaders, Praise Teams, College & Youth Settings. This edition features easy-to-play arrangements from the album My Savior Lives.
This kit includes:

Printed Songbook with lead sheets, guitar chord charts and lyric sheets. Instructional DVD featuring guitar, drum, keyboard & bass cam video, Real-Time Chord Tab Graphics for quick learning, guitar tutorials, and Live Lyrics Mode with Lyrics, Motion Backgrounds and Full, Split, & Click Trax Audio Options. Demonstration Audio CD includes full mix and acoustic mix recordings, arranged for youth and college group settings.

List Price: $ 29.95

Price: $ 4.99