Local News – Nov 5 1890

Local News – Nov 5 1890
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The "Local News" column from the November 5, 1890 edition of the ”The Weekly Age-Herald”, published in Birmingham, Alabama, made available through the Birmingham Public Library Digital Collections.

The hotels have been overcrowded during the fair, and cots have been resorted to.

Last week Birmingham entertained the confederate veterans, the sheriff’s association and the fair visitors and did it well.

A. Hansell and E. Broneger had a row in a First avenue saloon in which Broneger was badly used up. Hansell was arrested.

The voters of the city nearly all registered for the primary election.

The Monogram club gave an elegant german on the 28th.

The Komos club gave a large theater party to see Mantell last week.

The Young Men’s Hebrew association celebrated their third anniversary on the 28th.

Governor-elect Jones spent two days in Birmingham last week.

The stockholders of the Bessemer Street Railway company held a meeting at the Berney national bank and elected Robert Jemison president and a full board of directors. A new company has succeeded the old one.

Gen. Cadmus Wilcox made an eloquent speech to the confederate veterans.

Two little negro boys, 8 and 9 years old, stole several watches from a jewelry store and broke them up. Only one was caught.

The night balloon ascension from the fair grounds did not take place. Wind was too high.

The scores at the fair last week show that there are a half dozen experts with the shot gun in Birmingham.

The drill of the Howard college cadets at the fair was fine, and was highly complimented.

There was a boat race at Lakeview Sunday evening.

Mr. L. A. Weaver was married to Miss Carleen Aby at Avondale on the 27th.

Gerson Cohen was married to Miss Rose Spanier Sunday.

Forty arrests were made by the police Saturday night and Sunday.

The fat woman at the fair was a negress from Columbus, Ga.

Mr. Anthony Robinson, formerly of the press of this city, was one of the attendants at the Robbins-Alexander wedding at Faunsdale last week.

Rat Row in the Southside has been torn down to make room for a block of new buildings.

The Bessemer and Powderly dummy now starts in front of the Florence instead of a block below.

The political orators will now rest their voices for two years.

The government building is about ready for the second story.

Twentieth street, between Third and Fourth avenues, is being paved on the west side.

Mr. Sharp of the Chrisitan church will preach a series of sermons to railroad men.

Governor-to-be Jones had to sleep on a cot one night during the fair.

There are ninety-eight saloons in Birmingham and only half that many churches.

There are 203 lawyers and 125 preachers and eighty-seven doctors in Birmingham.

The dago fruit sellers have been required to give up part of the sidewalks to the citizens.

The celebrated setter dog case resulted in a verdict for 7.67

A caboose in the Louisville and Nashville yards caught fire last week and called out the department, but no harm was done.

A negro woman named Williams shot and killed her husband at Bradford mines last week.

Special Inspector Speer was here last week from a trip to arrest a young man named Key, of Marshall county, for robbing the mails.

T. F. Strickland and Miss Laura Tout were married on the 30th.

Real estate sales were decidedly more active this week than for a month.

The principal suits in the courts are for damages, against the railroads.

The sheriffs of the state enjoyed their meeting last week very highly.

R. E. Sanders, who was injured in the Kansas City wreck near this city, died at the Caldwell Friday.

A North Birmingham dummy was knocked off the track at the Henderson Steel works, but no one was injured.

W. J. Lacey claims to have hauled the first brick used in Birmingham, and the first slag used in making streets.

Paul Barnet has resigned as secretary of the East Birmingham company, and Superintendent Heineke has assumed the duties.

The confederate veterans were here in force on veteran day, and there were happy renewals of friendship.

The trenches are ready for the foundations of the new Methodist church.

The mother of L. T. Bradfield died at her home in Uniontown last week.

The residence of Professor Judge, on Eighth street and First Avenue was burned Sunday morning. The loss on building and furniture was about 00.

Farmer McLendon made a big reputation last year at the fair and added to it this.

Receipts for the charity hospital are very satisfactory now, but more is needed.

Mrs. Frame, the woman preacher, is drawing crowds.

What would be wrong with a local church helping to fund needed equipment for the local fire department? Or?

Question by Very much in love with God.: What would be wrong with a local church helping to fund needed equipment for the local fire department? Or?
special ed classes or materials? Why isnt the church a place where any or all can go to for help? Christ helped many with miracles, and deeds as well as His healing words. What would be wrong with churches becoming known for their deeds both individually and civically?

Best answer:

Answer by Kan Pitter
You don’t make any sense.

Churches are suppsoe to be places where all CAN go and ask for help, spiritually or not.

Churches take take take, but they should give give give. And I’m not just talking about Sunday preaching.

Add your own answer in the comments!

How can our small church set up a radio broadcast in local area?

Question by Jackie S: How can our small church set up a radio broadcast in local area?
How can our small church set up a radio broadcast in local area?
We would like to somehow set up a localized radio broadcast live of the sermon each Sunday. This way, Nursery workers and children’s workers on the other side of the building (and even neighbors to the church) can tune to a certain station to check in on the sermon. This seems possible, and hopefully easier than trying to hard wire something throughout our cement block building.

Best answer:

Answer by s. grant
The FCC only allows radio broadcast through a license agency (Stations) any thing else is illegal. You may need to set up a system that runs through your PA into a speaker that is in each room.

What do you think? Answer below!

How to Start and Grow a Successful Ministry in Your Local Church

How to Start and Grow a Successful Ministry in Your Local Church
Comprehensive Manual for Pastors or Lay members looking for innovative Ministry tools to implement and run a successful and growing ministry within your Church. Powerful tools that aid church growth strengthen relationships and create fulfilled members.
How to Start and Grow a Successful Ministry in Your Local Church

Local Church Praises the Giving Spirit of an Orlando Painting Contractor

Local Church Praises the Giving Spirit of an Orlando Painting Contractor

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 13, 2010

Orlando Painting owner Jim DeBaggis personally painted the exterior of Orlando’s Evangel Assembly of God Church, in an act of giving that has touched the congregation.

“It’s often said the most important act of charity is the giving of our time,” Evangel Pastor Gary Rice said. “Jim Debaggis set aside running his business to personally paint our church. It cut our labor costs significantly.”

The members of the church had been focused on how they could help others, with various outreach programs in the fall and spring. That’s part of what prompted DeBaggis Painting to help the church.

“We are taught to give without expecting anything in return. But I have to say, the joy of this church community at the new look of their church is a gift,” DeBaggis said.

He suggests people go take a look at Evangel Church, which is at 5838 Hoffner Avenue in Orlando. “Who knows?” Debaggis adds. “Maybe some folks will be attracted by the modern look of the exterior paint and stay for the service.” The Pastor says his church strives to be inviting to newcomers, and anyone curious about the new paint job will be welcomed.

The Church asked DeBaggis Painting to select paint colors complementary to the neighboring business.

Pastor Rice says, “Service to our fellow man is part of our church’s mission. It’s clearly a core value of DeBaggis Painting, and Jim DeBaggis lives by his values.”

For media information, contact Jim DeBaggis: 407-928-7388

Painting Company Orlando


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How can I keep from going to the local Christian youth center?

Question by Eric: How can I keep from going to the local Christian youth center?
I’m an atheist that hasnt “come out” yet, and my parents want me to join this local youth ministry for college students now that I’m a freshman. Because of my beliefs about Christianity, I feel like it will just be a big fat waste of time. I could be studying and LEARNING during those hours! 😛
But they’ll feel like I’m a dirty sinner otherwise. They’re pretty much making me go. How can I stand my ground?

Best answer:

Answer by iampretty
tell your parents you want to go to the library and study instead.

can you tell them you have gone but just don’t go?

college ain’t cheap. wasting time at church centers is a HUGE waste of your parents money.

Also jobs ain’t easy to get nowadays, if you don’t study you ain’t gonna get no job after college. tell your parents that.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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