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Zoweeeeee! Video Artsy! Please view in HD, if you can – see music credits below

Zoweeeeee! Video Artsy! Please view in HD, if you can – see music credits below
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Image by mimitalks, married, under grace
This is a compilation of artsy videos past. I’m a Christian woman, a wife, a mom of 2 teens, a homemaker (the term "housekeeper" would be stretching it!) and I just turned 55 in October, 2013 (senior discount at some places). This is my latest hobby – compilations of video art I’ve done since I learned how and had the programs with which to do them. Perhaps these are not my best work (I put some of what I believe are my best in a compilation here), but I must tell you that is a challenge to do this on any given day. Forgive any loose layers bopping about! I do hope (even with the inevitable mistakes here and there) it is fun for you to watch.

Again I stripped each video of the original music and used parts of 3 separate pieces of music (royalty-free) from this very cool site: Incompetech.com

Starts and ends with a short run from a piece of music found here:


Chipper Doodle v2

Genre: Electronica
Time: 2:52 92 BPM (Moderato – A Bit Fast)
Instruments: Synths, Percussion, Piano  

Happy little tune with asynchronous edits, and unexpected modulations.
(Faster version of Chipper Doodle)
Bouncy, Bright, Grooving, Uplifting

Mixed into the middle of the compilation are parts of 2 pieces of music, the first one being found here:


Genre: Electronica Collection: Medium Electronic
Time: 2:46 120 BPM (Allegro – Pretty Fast)
Instruments: Synths, Kit   

Yeah, it is happy. Yeah, it is simple. Yeah, there are… rhythmic things going on. How will you use this? honestly, I have no clue.
Bouncy, Uplifting

and the second one being found here:


Kick Shock

Genre: Electronica Collection: Video Classica
Time: 1:03 138 BPM (Allegro – Pretty Fast)
Instruments: Synth Keys, Synth Drums, Triangle, Electronics 

Poppy electronic dance piece, thick with synths and phasing. Strong lead synth melody in beginning, ends with exposed drum part.
Action, Aggressive, Bright, Driving, Grooving

How do you put music on your facebook fan page?

Question by NHS AQUA DOGS!: How do you put music on your facebook fan page?
I have created a fan page for my non profit organization. How do I put music on it. I have tried using iLike but it only lets me put it on my actual facebook profile and doesn’t give me the option of putting it on the fan page.

Best answer:

Answer by Jox on Haterz
im sure theres another programs like iLike that will let you

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