NPCC – Andy Stanley Tells of Prep. For Inaugural Prayer Service

This is a short segment from a Sunday morning message by Andy Stanley in which he shares part of what he and his wife went through in preparation for his participation in the National Inaugural Prayer Service. The humorous account is shared as a personal example of the core principle Andy was sharing that morning. You hear Andy share that principle at the end of this clip. ■ The message is from February 1, 2009 and part of a message series entitled “Balanced” which has to do with getting one’s personal financial world in balance. This was part 5 of that series and can be watched in it’s entirety at ■ Andy delivered this message in person at Browns Bridge Community Church in Cumming,GA and was broadcast to North Point Ministries other two campuses (North Point Community church in Alpharetta and Buckhead Church in Atlanta). He has rotated between the three campuses for this series, now that all three church campuses are connected via optic fiber for the broadcast of the message portion of the church services. ■ Andy’s actual participation in the Inaugural Prayer Service that he refers to in the clip occurred on January 21, 2009 (the day following President Obama’s inauguration) and can be viewed at the following links: ■ Video of entire prayer service: ■ PDF of the service bulletin: