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What was the role of the church in the middle ages?

Question by The dog runs at midnight: What was the role of the church in the middle ages?
How and why did the attitudes of the church change? I need one example of a conflict between a European monarch and the pope or one major problem the church underwent? Please help me have this answered.
In the Medieval times.

Best answer:

Answer by ljfh
to help Mr. Bean become stupid.

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God and Religion Have Lost Their Role

God and Religion Have Lost Their Role

God and Religion have lost their role

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

If we go deep into the mind of this man on earth we come to the conclusion that this man on this earth has lost faith in God and he is following a religion in a formal way. Most of the religions and people in those religions have taken up their religions as political units and they have started to surpass the other religions. They are coming with new meanings of their texts and they are telling the people that their religions is telling something which is not available in texts of other religions. Similarly they are coming with stories which are in their mythologies and they are telling us that their prophets were more powerful than prophets in other religions.

In fact that this man has traveled centuries when he firstly declared that there is a God who had created this world, this universe and then this man on this earth. They gave all power to God and then they started worshiping and praying before that God. They had been on this path since centuries and we have seen that this man could not become religious nor he could completely had faith in God and left all his activities to God. We have seen that this man had been praying to God but he never left his own efforts. There had been prayers, but at the same time this man had been at work and we have noted that at most of the times this man had been believing in his own efforts and he was just having some help from the side of God. But he had been successful he never thanked God but had been boasting that he himself had been working hard and that is the reason, he could succeed.

The man had been believing in one of their religions on this earth and he had been hating the people in the other religions and it is on record that people in one religion had been trying to persuade others to join their religion and if they had been powerful they had been forcing conversion and it is also on record that the people who were not agreeing to convert were killed . It is also on record that that the religious places of one religions had been demolished and on those very places the rulers had been constructing religious places of their own religions, though no religious books allows such conversions and such demolitions. All these non-religious acts had been there which clearly means that this man had not been obeying the directions given to them by their prophets.

Today when the man has entered the age of science and technology, he has adopted a new way of life. If they are performing some religious ceremonies these are just formal and they try to establish that their religion is still alive. If we conduct a survey of police stations, the courts and the jails, we shall find people of all the religions and we shall find that they all had been committing crimes, sins and misconducts of the same type irrespective of their religions. When they people commit some crime, sin or misconduct they forget to which religion they belong. Similarly when they commit crimes, sins and misconducts, they forget that God is there and He shall be punishing them. It seems the people have got no real faith in God and in any religion because they had been violating all the norms set by God and by the religions and history is full of crimes, sins and misconducts. No religion and even God could not set this man right. Some wise people, some intellectuals and scholars had been writing down explanations of religious texts and some had been writing books on art of living and we have noted that instead of original texts, the people are liking these new books and new philosophy of life. They are trying to follow this new philosophy and they have started saying that old religions are making us fundamentalists and the present age does not like people who are fundamentalists. There is war between these two sets of people and one has turned terrorists and the other has turned rioter and they both are killing the people of the other wing. The whole world has become Kurkshetra and nobody on this earth is safe. No country is safe and that is the reason most of the time of the people is spent in attacking others and most of the time is spent in saving oneself. No body know that would be the next step of this man on this earth when he shall not be believing in God and in religion.


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What role does science benefit religion?

Question by Samuel: What role does science benefit religion?
My understanding is that they both check one another. Science without religion leads to the profit of the few and detriment to the many. Religion without science leads to fanaticism, mysticism and fundamentalism. What do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by great gig in the sky
Many Christians are scientists. The two are not entirely separate. Science involves understanding our physical Universe and does not interfere with how I view the spiritual world.

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Spring-Ford ReporterReligious listings
Bethel Hill United Methodist Church holds Sunday morning services at 8:15 and 9:30 a.m. Sunday school for all ages runs at 9:30 a.m.
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Role of Science and Spirituality in the pursuit of happiness

Role of Science and Spirituality in the pursuit of happiness

Role of Science and Spirituality in the pursuit of happiness

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Home Page > Spirituality > Role of Science and Spirituality in the pursuit of happiness

Role of Science and Spirituality in the pursuit of happiness

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Posted: Apr 24, 2010 |Comments: 0
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What do you think can contribute significantly in the pursuit of happiness- Science or Spirituality? I know that most of you would answer in favour of science. With its spectacular progress in last couple of centuries, science has definitely made human life much easier, healthier and comfortable with its innumerable inventions. Not only that, science has also provided human race with countless means of entertainment. It is no surprise that most of the younger generation is fervent enthusiast of Science.
Another factor that helped you in deciding in favour of science might be the ignorance of true meaning of spirituality and its misinterpretation as part of religion. There are wide spread myths that science is logical, while spirituality is only based on beliefs and superstitions; science can be applied usefully in human life, whereas spirituality is mere set of esoteric impractical philosophies.
If Spirituality is defined as the exploration of the inner world: your mind, intellect, ego, life energy and the true nature of your spirit, then you might reconsider your answer. Let me shed some light on the word “spirituality”, before re-phrasing my question. As per Wikipedia, Spirituality is defined as “an ultimate reality or transcendent dimension of the world; an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his or her being, or the deepest values and meanings by which people live.” Spiritual practices, including meditation, prayer and contemplation, are intended to develop an individual’s inner life.
In the light of this clarification, let me ask you a few more questions: “Do you think peace of mind and contentment are important components of happiness?”, “Do you think Science has contributed to improve love, compassion, peace and contentment amongst people, societies and countries?”, “Do you think that because of recent scientific progress, man has become even more stressful and restless?”
Well, now you might be interested in analyzing this topic even further. One of the well accepted definition of science is “the experimentally acquired knowledge of the objective laws that govern creation.” Spirituality can also be defined as science because it constitutes of the knowledge of divine laws that governs our inner world. When the objective knowledge is applied in the external world for the material benefit of human race, it can be called as applied modern science. When the subjective knowledge that is acquired by self-analysis of inner world by the mystics and saints, is applied for the spiritual benefit of human race, it is called as spirituality.
A few distinctions between science and spirituality
Science explores the outer world and deals with the analysis of the objective world that can be sensed by our senses or instruments. Spirituality explores the inner world and deals with the analysis of the subjective world that is beyond senses i.e. the world of mind, intellect, spirit, love, compassion, peace and inner happiness. Science limits itself to the physical forms of energies that can be gauged, whereas spirituality deals with the supreme energy- the consciousness.
The goal of Science is to provide you with physical well being and physical comforts. The goal of Spirituality is to provide you with mental peace, contentment, love, compassion, peace and long lasting happiness.
Science has made human race selfish with no consideration to environment. During last century, due to scientific progress, human race has exploited and continue to exploit nature beyond viable limits. Spirituality refrain us from exploiting nature for our physical benefits and has thrived for thousands of years in true harmony with nature.
Science provides us with various means of deriving momentary sensual pleasures, whereas spirituality gives us insight to experience long lasting inner happiness by means of meditation, contemplation etc. Science tends to make us restless, whereas spirituality helps us to gain serenity of mind.
Just by exploring the outer world with the help of science, you get to know yourself as a limited body in the vast universe, whereas by exploring the inner world with the help of spirituality, you come to realize that you are part and parcel of the supreme spirit that is regulating the whole universe.
While exploring the objective world, science divides the object into parts and then analyze. In this manner it disintegrates the whole universe into different components. While exploring the subjective world, spirituality unites the whole universe as one non-dual conscious being.
Science and spirituality goes hand in hand in our pursuit of happiness
Unfortunately, we learn a lot about various streams of science and the outer world in schools and colleges. However, there is no methodical training available to educate us about the inner world and about life in general; about what is the goal of life; about how to cope up with the adversities of life; about self restraint and refraining from over indulgence in sensual pleasures; about the higher values of life. This is where spirituality can help us.
Science can definitely provide us with a lot of gadgets to make our life easier and to entertain us. However, you also need spirituality, with the help of which you can make proper use of science, without abusing it.
Einstein insisted, “Science without Religion is lame, Religion without science is blind.” However, those scientists are very who try to spiritualize the Science and it’s rare to find spiritual mystics who scientifically approach spirituality. Science, if not supported with moral values, might put on an ugly face of destruction.
Science and spirituality are integral part of human endeavours to gain fulfilment in life. Science and spirituality are inseparable in the interest of the wholesome human progress. Thousands of years ago, the mystics of India realized this and inscribed in one of the Upnishads, called Ishopanishad that “the life of bare contemplation (spirituality and meditation) and the life of bare activity (applied science) are alike, fraught with evil; but that he alone may be said to attain the goal of life who knows how to harmonise the two different paths.”
For true human progress, money and materials alone cannot deliver the goods. The power given to man by science can be used to make heavens on earth if the due importance is given to spirituality as well. Our fulfilment is dependent on our ability to live in harmony with the external world, where science can help and our ability to live in harmony with ourselves, where spirituality can help. By maintaining the equilibrium of science and spirituality in our lives, we can not only enjoy the pleasures of outer world, but also the wholesome ever-present bliss of our spirit. This is the goal of our pursuit of happiness.
-The Happy Baba ( http://thehappybaba.blogspot.com)

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Happy Baba
About the Author:

Happy Baba presents inspirational, spiritual and devotional thoughts of the mystics of India that would make you truly happy- inside out. These inspirations will fill you with peace, love, compassion and sublime inner joy. Come, let’s rejoice in the realization of inner bliss.

Please visit : http://thehappybaba.blogspot.com


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