Sims 3: Church; St Simeons Cathedral

The Sims 3 creation Cathedral of St Simeon is a busy working church, and iconic part of the city skyline and foremost a lasting monument to the Glory of God. The first view that encountered when entering the Cathedral is the Nave, which is the long central section of the Cathedral that leads to the Dome. This is a public and ceremonial space, designed for congregations at large services. There are two chapels at this end of the Cathedral All Souls’ in the North side and the Chapel of St Simeon in the South. The short, central arms of the Cathedral’s ground-plan are called transepts. Both transepts contain small chapels, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and the Reserved Sacrament respectively. The Quire is at the east of the Cathedral’s cross-shape. This is where the choir and clergy normally sit during services. The dome is the iconic feature of the cathedral. Situated at the heart of the building, the space underneath the dome is the principal place of worship. Below the cathedral the crypt holds notable tombs.
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Are video games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Sims’ bad for kids? Expert says schools could learn from gamers
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