What’s a good Christian church in the South OKC area that has worship service during the week?

Question by jennasjello: What’s a good Christian church in the South OKC area that has worship service during the week?
Whats a good non-denominational Christian church in the Moore or South OKC area that has worship service during the week? My husband & I are new to Oklahoma and we both usually work on Sundays. We’d like to find a new church to go to, but are having trouble finding one that has mid week service.

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Answer by Carissa W
I used to attend Southwest Baptist Church before I moved. Its not non-denominational, but I really really liked it…give it a try.

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South Africa Author Publishes New Book

South Africa Author Publishes New Book

Pittsburgh, PA (Vocus) July 16, 2010

Long Walk to Enlightenment is the author’s attempt to understand the five Middle Eastern religions known as the “Religions of Revelation.” He focuses on Christianity and Islam. Two significant features of Middle Eastern religions are their credence to monotheism and their claims to having been revealed by God. The author makes an earnest attempt to understand how the “wisdom religions,” Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, engage in their search for the Infinite, Absolute Truth. He therefore identifies the major differences between these two groups of religions to make a significant contribution to the science of religion.

About the Author

Dr. Thillayvel Naidoo retired as lecturer in the Department of Science of Religion at the University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. He was responsible for lectures in Eastern Religions and the Philosophy of Religion. He served as President of the Association for the Study of Religion (Southern Africa) for two terms. ASRSA is affiliated to the International Association for the History of Religions, which holds Congresses once every five years. He presented papers at the Congresses in Rome (1990), Mexico City (1995), and Tokyo (2005) and was one of three Presidents of the Congress in Durban (2000) Dr. Naidoo presented papers at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago (1993), Cape Town (1998), Barcelona (2004) and Melbourne (2009). Dr. Naidoo has published several books in religion and many articles in academic journals. Dr. Naidoo is married to Sarojini, who teaches mathematics at Danville Park Girls High School.

RoseDog Books is pleased to announce the publication of Long Walk to Enlightenment ($ 33.00) ISBN: 978-1-4349-9808-8, paperback. For more information, please contact RoseDog Books, at 701 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. To place a book order or to learn important information about shipping prices, tax, and our return policy, please call (800) 834-1803.

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Muslim-Christian clashes kill 2 south of Cairo

Muslim-Christian clashes kill 2 south of Cairo
Egyptian security officials say Christian and Muslim families have clashed south of Cairo in a dispute over a romance between children from the two families. The fathers from both families have been killed and a crowd of…
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25 killed, 154 wounded in Pakistan bomb attack
A car bomb planted by suspected Islamic militants exploded at a filling station in Pakistan’s Punjab province Tuesday, killing at least 25 people and wounding 154 others, officials said.
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‘Sweat lodge’ trial resumes
The trial of a self-help speaker charged in the death of three people at a sweat lodge in Arizona resumes Tuesday.
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Commissioner Shaw, Alderman O’Conner and Pastor Henderson Receive Awards from South Side Community Organization

(PRWEB) July 16, 2004

The Home of Life Church and Community Development Corporation hosted an awards ceremony for the South Side Community Organization tonight. An overflow crowd of nearly 1,000 people watched as Commissioner Robert Shaw, Alderman Patrick J. O’Conner and Pastor Johnny Henderson received awards for their contributions to the community.

Less than 500 hundred people were expected to show up for the event, which was scheduled to take place in the conference hall of the Home of Life Church. The surprising turnout forced the event to take place downstairs in the Sanctuary. The first award was given to Pastor Johnny Henderson for Man of the Year, who is credited with founding the Home of Life organization that now offers childcare and head start, job programs and training for ex-offenders, in addition to assistance with affordable housing for low-income families. In his speech, the Pastor noted he was looking forward to opening a grocery store, a separate school, and a gymnasium over the next year. He also gave credit to Cano Publishing Company and it’s CEO, Dr. Anthony Zamora, which was chosen to partner with the community organization to enable their goals. Dr. Zamora, caught unaware, gave an impromptu speech on behalf of his company, seconding the drastic yet positive changes he hopes to foster in this impoverished community.

Alderman Patrick J. O’Conner was given the Alderman of the Year Award for his work with the Chicago City Committees on Education and Finance, as well as his contributions to the American Cancer Division. The Alderman said “he was very excited to receive the award and it brings him happiness to receive such an honor.”

The final honoree was Commissioner Robert Shaw, who received an award for Outstanding Services to the Community. Commissioner Shaw thanked the attendees and his staff.

After the awards were handed out the invited guests adjourned to the conference hall, where the event was scheduled to take place, for drinks and hors d’oeuvres. The overflow crowd was jovial and upbeat, mimicking the undercurrents happening in Chicago’s South and West Sides. Although two of the most impoverished, gang-ridden and crime-infested areas of the city, groups like the South Side Organization and Home of Life, with help from officials like Alderman O’Conner and Commissioner Shaw, have stepped up their involvement with the problem areas of the communities. Pastor Henderson explained, “We need to bring change and offer options in this neighborhood. We’ve talked long enough, now we need to do it.”

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Michael Beyer




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Where is Church of south India head quarters? Who is the chief of this church group?

Question by while007: Where is Church of south India head quarters? Who is the chief of this church group?
There are different diocese located in tamil nadu kerala and Andhrapradesh. I am looking for the contact address of this CSI church group

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Answer by The Shadow
Well if you know where one diocese is located…contact that one and ask them for the address of the CSI church group. I doubt very much you will find the address from anyone on this site…Good Luck.

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South Memphis Church Catches Fire

South Memphis Church Catches Fire
A South Memphis congregation is coping with the loss of their church after it went up in flames Thursday night.
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Teacher releases ‘epic’ life story
A WOMAN who was the first black teacher in Thetford has released her ‘epic’ life story. Coralita Martin, 77, was at the Church on the Way last Friday to sign copies of Courage to Dream, the book she has co-authored with journalist Sandie Shirley.
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Church & state
This is in response to the Joseph Sabino Mistick column “God & the Constitution” (Oct. 31).
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