How do salvation army stores work?

Question by Nancy Mai: How do salvation army stores work?
I know that the Salvation Army is a charity organization, so I was wondering What do they do with the money they make from their their shops?

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Answer by Piggiepants
Visit the Salvation Army website to find out more about the organziation and its programs.

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Family Christian Stores Selects Grand River to Design And Build New Ecommerce Solution on Magento?

Family Christian Stores Selects Grand River to Design And Build New Ecommerce Solution on Magento™

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) February 7, 2011

Grand River, a leading ecommerce developer, today announced they were selected by Family Christian Stores to design and develop a new ecommerce solution for the Brand. Family Christian Stores is the largest specialty retailer in the US, dedicated to the Christian retail market.

A Magento Enterprise Partner, Grand River will design and develop the Family Christian Stores site using Magento’s Enterprise Edition 1.9. This leading open-source ecommerce platform delivers a scalable, cost effective, online retail solution with rich features, functionality, and flexibility.

“We chose Grand River based on their success developing multi-channel e-commerce solutions for retailers.” said Derek Kloostra, Director of eCommerce for Family Christian Stores. “It’s our goal to provide the best selection of Christian lifestyle resources to help people find, grow, and share their faith. We want to create an experience that delivers world class service and fosters the Christian community for which we’re known.”

Functionality in Family Christian Stores’ new ecommerce site will include support for mobile commerce as well as content management and targeting, search engine optimization, promotional marketing tools, order management, and customer service. The new site will make it easy to search, shop and buy products as well as support the James Fund, the primary philanthropy of Family Christian Stores.

Grand River will use their expertise in creative design, information architecture, interface development, integration, and system architecture to rebrand and redesign Family Christian Stores’ online presence.

“We’re very pleased to win the trust of Family Christian Stores,” said Scott Robertson, partner and co-founder of Grand River. “We’ll partner to create an online experience that complements the exceptional selection, support, and customer service experience in their retail stores.”

About Family Christian Stores

Family Christian Stores® is America’s leading specialty retailer with nearly 300 locations and over 4,000 employees in 36 states dedicated solely to the $ 4.3 billion Christian retailing market. Family Christian Stores sells Christian products and church supplies through its chain of stores and via the internet. Merchandising categories include bibles, books, music, children’s, gifts, apparel, software, cards, church supplies and DVDs. Visit

About Grand River

Grand River is an industry leading e-commerce design and development company, specializing in solutions for mid-market retailers and multichannel companies. The firm’s core expertise is in the leading open source e-commerce platforms, including Magento™ Enterprise and Fry, Inc.’s Open Commerce Platform™. Clients include many of the Internet Retailer Top 500 firms in retail, healthcare, technology, telecom, and publishing. Founded in 2007, Grand River has offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois. Call 734.913.8000 or visit to learn more.


Scott Robertson

Grand River

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Judy Foster

Grand River

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Any christian clothing stores?

Question by Ames: Any christian clothing stores?
Are there any christian clothing stores that aren’t ONLINE? Thats an actual store where you can try the clothes on? Cuz I haven’t heard of any.
with clothes like this-

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Answer by sarah_thats_me11

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Online stores for Christian books

Online stores for Christian books

Online stores for Christian books

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Home Page > Shopping > Online stores for Christian books

Online stores for Christian books

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Posted: Dec 07, 2010 |Comments: 0


If you are interested in knowing Christianity more or even if you enjoy reading Christian books then is the perfect place where you can find some good books on the subject. You will no doubt find many stores that specialize in Christian books and Christian accessories. However at, you will find large collection of Christian books for each individual subject. This makes selecting the right book an easy task. Irrespective of you age, you will find the book you are looking for at this online store.

At, we are dedicated to provide you with a wide range of collection of the best Christian items at affordable prices.

This bookstore is passionate about providing quality Christian items that will help people in their lives. Christian books and accessories including Christian clothing, music, gifts etc. inspires people to develop strong relationship with the almighty. We will surely offer you products in this regard. Our aim is to provide a secure and exceptional online shopping experience.

At, we make sure that only quality products are displayed. The entire shopping experience is efficient which allows secure check out and fast affordable shipping. The items that are purchased through us are protected and you need not wait endlessly after you have placed an order. All you need to do is to just choose the Christian book or accessory that you like and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

The books that are available here will give you wealth of knowledge. Apart from the Holy Bible, you will find a large collection of reference books including biographies of saints, history of church, theologies, Christian lifestyle, and pastoral studies. Besides, you will also find songs and carols, commentaries, classic and evangelism etc.

If you are looking for a specialty store, then you will find some at our website. These specialty stores not only sell you books, but also various items like music, DVDs, clothing that are related to Christianity some way or the other. You will be also entitled for various discounts. It is no doubt a good deal for book lovers as well as libraries. So, if you are a religious person and are facing problems in finding a good book stores in your area, then you can easily choose an internet connection to find an online Christian book store.

It does not matter whether you have faith in the religion or not, Christian books and accessories will still help you to offer you a good and a healthy life. These books treat many aspects that you cannot even imaging and which harm your well being. You will also find a lot of advices in a very nice, inoffensive and calm way. A good Christian book with helpful advice will surely help you to overcome the difficult phase of life and will provide you with necessary strength which will help you to achieve whatever you want in life.

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John williamson
About the Author:

To know more about Christian online store & Christian online shopping please visit –


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What are some cute online stores ?
If i have an online business, such as selling go carts.If a person who buys it gets hurt, or hurts someone/damages property, etc. can I be help responsible(sued).Do I have to buy liability insurance
Is playing face book games worse then my partner role playing his fantasizes online? I play farming games on facebook and chat with only friends and family also. He chat’s with people he don’t…

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Christian Shopping

Christmas is just round the corner and by now most have you must have already started shopping for Christian gifts.

John williamsonl
Dec 07, 2010

Online Shopping Specially for Christian Products

Christian accessories are very popular among teenagers. These are also considered as very trendy and appeals to the youth. Some of the most popular Christian accessories found in this online store are crosses, purity rings etc. Besides, the clothing will surely appeal to you.

John williamsonl

Dec 30, 2010

Christian Gifts special

Christian clothing is among the most shopped Christian item. It not only helps you to come closer to the almighty but it also allows you to put your best foot forwards. The Christian clothing for today is somewhat different from that of past, as nowadays plenty of designs and patterns are available for you.

John williamsonl

Jan 05, 2011

Christian Books

Are you searching for Christian books, DVDs, music and other Christian material? Look no further than the Christian Family Bookstore.


Salvation Army Bell Ringers Have a Lot More to be Happy About! – Salvation Army Receives Matching Pledge from Wal-Mart – Wal-Mart Will Match Red Kettle Contributions at its Wal-Mart Stores and Sam’s Clubs Nationwide

(PRWEB) December 18, 2004

The Salvation Army announced today that it has received a matching gift commitment from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. to benefit The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle holiday fundraising campaign. Beginning Friday, December 17, the Wal-Mart & Sam’s Club Foundation will match customers’ contributions made to Salvation Army Red Kettles at more than 3,600 Wal-Mart Stores, Supercenters, and SAM’S CLUBS nationwide through Christmas Eve, up to million. The contributions will serve needy families in more than 9,000 communities across the country.

“This is a huge endorsement of what we do and how we spend our money. We are so grateful to Wal-Mart in Broward County for their support of our Red Kettle Campaign.,” said Captain Steve Morris, Broward Area Commander.

The million pledge builds on Wal-Mart’s ongoing commitment to helping The Salvation Army support needy families in local communities throughout the year. Wal-Mart and the Salvation Army work together on many activities including disaster relief efforts, feeding the hungry, and providing resources to address needs within the communities they serve.

Each year, thousands of Salvation Army Red Kettles serve as collection stations around the nation beginning the day after Thanksgiving, and continuing through Christmas Eve. Donations to the Red Kettles stay local, supporting programs in the communities in which they were received. Last year, million was raised through kettles, including over million raised in front of Wal-Mart and SAM’S CLUBS, and helped The Salvation Army provide assistance for almost 33 million people in need throughout the United States.

Through 9,000 centers of operation in local communities, The Salvation Army provides food for the hungry, companionship to the elderly and ill, clothing and shelter to the homeless, opportunities for underprivileged children, relief for disaster victims, assistance for the disabled, and many more services.

# # #

Salvation Army Famous Doughnuts Fed WWI and WWII Soldiers, Now Feeds New Generation of Americans Through Kroger Stores

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 17, 2005

Unprecedented. That’s the word Salvation Army advisory board member Lee Stiles used to describe the national launch of The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut. “The brand concept went from dream to almost full national distribution in 18 months. That is unprecedented for a new brand to the market,” said Stiles, a longtime bakery operator and consultant to the food industry. “Major well-known food conglomerates can do that, but I doubt a brand new product to the market ever has.”

Starting February 27, Kroger bakeries in Ohio, Indiana, and South Carolina will be distributing the doughnuts to their stores in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut first made its debut on the front lines of World War I when a Salvation Army lassie took the meager rations she had and fried them up in a soldier’s helmet.

The Northwest Division of The Salvation Army, headquartered in Seattle, launched the doughnut in Pacific Northwest stores just over one year ago and it took off, garnering loyal fans. Then the work began to take the Famous Doughnut to the rest of the nation. The doughnut is already available in Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. “I guess you could say the product has been in development for 87 years,” Stiles said.

Thanks to Salvation Army leadership across the country, strong partnerships with the baking mix, package, bakery and retail partners, the doughnuts are an opportunity for new visibility and funding for The Salvation Army across the United States. About seven cents for each box of doughnuts sold comes back to the Army to help provide the financial ammunition needed in the battle against homelessness, hopelessness and hunger.

Lt. Colonel Terry Griffin, Northwest divisional commander said, “The Army needed to look at new and innovative ways to fundraise and create visibility, while still staying true to our roots—the Salvation Army Famous Doughnut is exactly that.” Founded in London in 1865 by William and Catherine Booth, The Salvation Army is a Christian church and social service ministry, which provides programs and services to people in need in 109 countries worldwide.

For more info, please contact Aimee Sheridan at (206) 217-1287


Know any good Christian Graphic Tee stores?

Question by Nerdgirl: Know any good Christian Graphic Tee stores?
Looking for more online shopping on awesome contemporary Jesusy tee shirts. (like C28)
(For Christmas 😀 )
The deal is I need some reliable links to give my family when I ask for “Jesus Tee Shirts”

Best answer:

Answer by Justin Swagflakes Smith

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Christian stores promote God in Erie region

Christian stores promote God in Erie region
Where would you go to buy a T-shirt celebrating God?
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Religious Briefs
Fire in Valley tent revival today through Tuesday BUTTE VALLEY — A Fire in the Valley tent revival will be held today through Tuesday at Harvest Christian Fellowship, located at the Lord’s 7 Ranch, 4741 Lucky 7 Lane.
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88-year-old veteran fought off home intruder, police say; diocese, temple issue joint statement over Yom Kippur …
88-year-old veteran fought off home intruder, police say; diocese, temple issue joint statement over Yom Kippur cancellation
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