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Chapter Update: The New RUI Web Store

Chapter Update: The New RUI Web Store

Chapter Update: The New RUI Web Store

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Home Page > Business > Chapter Update: The New RUI Web Store

Chapter Update: The New RUI Web Store

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Posted: Apr 21, 2010 |Comments: 0


The launch of our new and improved RUI Web Store! Reformers Unanimous is pleased to announce the coming launch of our new and improved Web store.  Friday April 30th we will unveil a completely redesigned E-Store.  This RETAIL portion of our new E-Store launch will be followed two weeks later with a launch of our proprietary E-Store for supporting chapter purchasers.  The store improvements will boast an incredible increase in speed; include better search engines, and a greatly improved navigation system to help individual addicts find what they may need to experience lasting recovery.  To commemorate our Grand Opening we will be offering a 30% discount off our entire line of books by Bro. Curington, Dr. Kingsbury and Dr. Crabb. We will also offer huge discounts on our highly effective addiction recovery and Christian discipleship curriculum, and offer brand new audio and visual products of great quality and content!  This special will last past Mothers Day till May 30th. If you have never or have not recently visited our web store you may be missing out on over 700 products that could be the catalyst in helping you to overcome a stubborn habit or enjoy a more intimate walk with God.    More details to follow.

Ok, two quick thoughts for this week.  Remember, nothing new under the sun, so don’t expect me to give you ideas for chapter growth or student retention when you may not even be doing what you have been trained, taught, told or tempted by the Spirit to do.  Here you go:


The 300 CLUB promotes students into church members. A wonderful tool of Reformers Unanimous is the 300 Club.  This “club” was introduced at the 2003 RU International Conference, yet many chapters are still not maximizing this effective tool.  Students work to receive the monthly 300 Club certificate by attending class, wearing their awards, attending church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, mid week service, passing out RU or Church brochures, doing their challenges, and using the Daily Journal.  The 300 club is vital to for a leader to see the “thermostat” of participation of each student.  This “club” is more than just an award; it truly helps a leader to monitor the growth potential of a student and help them to see areas in which they may need to improve.  On Friday night, a leader in each group should reference the 300 Club scores on the Weekly Attendance Sheet so they can praise those who are doing well, as well as challenge others in areas where the score is low.  In addition, it would be advantageous for every Director (and even Pastor) to see student’s scores, so they can counsel similar to that of the leader.  Students will develop under this accountability of the 300 Club with confidence – not in the doing of each element of the “club”, but in Christ, Who is magnified in each aspect of this wonderful tool of RU.


No Better time than the present…There is no better time to increase attendance at RU   than the present time!  With school breaks approaching, seasonal changes, and intense economic pressures, people find themselves in a transitional stage.  Many addicts begin to realize they are functioning less and begin seeking help for themselves and for their loved ones.  Will they find out about an addiction program in your community called RU?  Please follow these simple suggestions so those in need will find the Truth that can make them free:

Check your RU banner or sign to make sure it is visible and noticeable.  You might even consider tying balloons to it to draw more attention or place a light on it at night.
Get your students involved in distributing fliers each week.  Place 7 brochures in an envelope and take a few moments before the offering to encourage individual distribution of RU literature.  Recognize those who do so each week and create positive peer pressure to get involved in reaching out to others. The only alternative to soulwinning is disobedience to God.
Make sure your RU is listed in the free ads of the local newspapers.  If you have already done this, please check it or adjust its wording.  Many times these types of ads end after a certain amount of time and need to be renewed.
Check into radio advertising on Christian Radio.  It works!  Many times they will give you several free after hour slots for ever prime minute purchased.  Negotiate the rate and find ways to get it sponsored.  You will not be sorry. (Pre-recorded commercials available on our web store)
Get posters up!  Place them in all sorts of businesses where addicts frequent.  Get your students and church members to help you by giving opportunity and instruction on where and how to gain permission to hang them.  Set up a table in your RU and fill it with your EXISTING stock of posters, handbills and tracts.  Many chapters have never reordered stock that was received in starter kits.  Could it be because it was never placed out for distribution by individual students and leaders?  Set up appointments with Personnel Managers in large companies.  Equip them with posters, fliers, and business cards to place in break rooms and give to employees who may need the help.  Many businesses are looking for options that will help them keep employees long term.
Don’t forget loving the unloving.  Those who care only for themselves and have ceased to function as Christians or in society.  Visit your backsliding church members or advertise among people who occupy rescue missions, unemployment offices, Salvation Armies, Transitional houses, and reach out with a helping hand of hope.
Ask other churches in your community to place the new bulletin inserts in their Sunday bulletin.  Give these to the church along with a typed out announcement introducing this Bible-centered addiction program in their community to help their family, friends, and loved ones overcome stubborn habits.  Many pastors will be glad to help a Bible-centered program with this request.

Let’s all strive to reach out to those who are hurting in our communities.  Remember, there is someone near you who needs Him.  Let’s make it as easy as possible.  Put forth the effort; get the tools you need; and watch God give the increase!

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