Zoweeeeee! Video Artsy! Please view in HD, if you can – see music credits below

Zoweeeeee! Video Artsy! Please view in HD, if you can – see music credits below
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Image by mimitalks, married, under grace
This is a compilation of artsy videos past. I’m a Christian woman, a wife, a mom of 2 teens, a homemaker (the term "housekeeper" would be stretching it!) and I just turned 55 in October, 2013 (senior discount at some places). This is my latest hobby – compilations of video art I’ve done since I learned how and had the programs with which to do them. Perhaps these are not my best work (I put some of what I believe are my best in a compilation here), but I must tell you that is a challenge to do this on any given day. Forgive any loose layers bopping about! I do hope (even with the inevitable mistakes here and there) it is fun for you to watch.

Again I stripped each video of the original music and used parts of 3 separate pieces of music (royalty-free) from this very cool site: Incompetech.com

Starts and ends with a short run from a piece of music found here:


Chipper Doodle v2

Genre: Electronica
Time: 2:52 92 BPM (Moderato – A Bit Fast)
Instruments: Synths, Percussion, Piano  

Happy little tune with asynchronous edits, and unexpected modulations.
(Faster version of Chipper Doodle)
Bouncy, Bright, Grooving, Uplifting

Mixed into the middle of the compilation are parts of 2 pieces of music, the first one being found here:


Genre: Electronica Collection: Medium Electronic
Time: 2:46 120 BPM (Allegro – Pretty Fast)
Instruments: Synths, Kit   

Yeah, it is happy. Yeah, it is simple. Yeah, there are… rhythmic things going on. How will you use this? honestly, I have no clue.
Bouncy, Uplifting

and the second one being found here:


Kick Shock

Genre: Electronica Collection: Video Classica
Time: 1:03 138 BPM (Allegro – Pretty Fast)
Instruments: Synth Keys, Synth Drums, Triangle, Electronics 

Poppy electronic dance piece, thick with synths and phasing. Strong lead synth melody in beginning, ends with exposed drum part.
Action, Aggressive, Bright, Driving, Grooving