I need ideas for a church youth group?

Question by LB67: I need ideas for a church youth group?
for a very small Methodist church in my neighborhood, we have several small 5 and under kids but I would really like to build the older age group 9-14 any ideas would be appreciated, what do kids that age like to do in youth groups?
no 6,7,8 year olds right now quite a few under 5 2 sets of twins and several babies my two girls age 9 and 13, I have just recently started going to this church it is walking distance from home the neighborhood is mostly settled with older people but it is growing, I have told the church I would really like to help and we have planned a movie night also a pizza night but I need more ideas for activities to get some older kids in

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Answer by Sam T
You might start a “Good Samaritan” project. That game/project could be played by all age groups.

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